Heroes, parades, and much more for the men and women that serve in our Armed Forces as they first return. There is a neglected percentage that is swept under the rug and never is seen as they once were when we first returned. The men and women where the silent demons of years past come to haunt and destroy, as the faded glory once recognized by others gone. The commanding attitude with the suspicious survival instincts that civilized society sees as dominance and miss trust to justify under safety issues to ignore or isolate you. Incarceration rather than treatment for the medical conditions of war no one wants to see as the cause and effect of what happens. Combat fatigue, PTSD depending on the war how civilized society rates us for the useless life we have become. Homeless on the street because this nation will not recognize medical conditions that are not recorded in the time limit established by those that never serve. Politician’s refusal to listen and hear the bums sleeping under bridges in filth and shame because our uniforms are now dirty and the sins of our history clean citizens can and will not accept. We are the men and women of yesterdays Armed Forces that some day today’s men and women of today’s Armed Forces will be in the future.

The simple reason for my wife’s willingness to spend our life savings to build cabins in the woods rent-free for homeless Veterans to live. My wife gave me a life by accepting the conditions described in the paragraph above. The travel she saved for all these years she spent to purchase eleven-acres of land just for the purpose of helping US Military Veterans not go through if possible what the VA and NH government does and did to me. Men and Women that once fought for the freedom we all enjoy now the VA and NH government leave homeless on the street. Hopefully by Dec. 4 we will have the driveway from 101 Stepping Stone road started. We are asking nothing from the public but if business want to donate a load of gravel or some building materials it will not be turned away. If the public wants to write an opinion letter to the newspapers and ask why they censor such a call for help from the homeless Veterans please do. Ask the editors why they censor my opinion letters to intentionally inflict hardship on the homeless Veteran. Tell the politician to not just listen but to hear and understand the US Military Veteran has done things most cannot even conceive as humanly possible is not reason to take our future under the term safety. My words are mixed and the lasting reminder of four service-connected disabilities controls confusing as my mind. A Veteran helping Veterans where society silences my voice as the politician marches on until the Heroes and Parades of the next war leads to more bums being created from the untreated medical conditions for the cycle will never end until we hear the words so much camouflaged by the noises of the silent demons no one sees but us.

I wish I could explain it in your well-educated way but instead of college we went off to make it safe for you that never served to go. The news censoring this letter for the safety of the community and state says it all.


Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi, 465 Packers falls rd Lee NH 03824, 603-781-3839