Nevin Siders

Update, Dec. 2, 2021: The Shimmy case was thrown out of court and Linda Greenberg has been charged! The Occupied Nation Show (Monday, November 29th, 2021) Guest - Heidi Hiland/ Free Shimmy - Activate Media
Loving community groups raise awareness in preparation for trial of "Shimmy", a Black Lives Matter activist framed after having been accosted by hate monger.   ** Heidi Hiland gave an interview November 18 on the site of the wrongful arrest, offering an update on the events detailed below**   Ernst "Shimmy" Jean-Jacques Jr. attended a counter-rally which was responding to a mobilization of hate mongers, led by Boston's rightest organizer Dianna Ploss. Free Shimmy defender Sophie Yarin explains to great detail in DigBoston (link below) how Shimmy was near the police barricade separating the two factions, yet momentarily distracted in a dancing mood. Yet the recently-fired WSMN personality Ploss took offense at the spontaneous dance and pitched a bit of water at Shimmy.   Police arrested Shimmy, and to this day have ignored Ploss, a participant in the assault on the federal legislature in January 2020, nearly a year previous to this altercation with Shimmy on December 12 of that year.   Shimmy is a spokeperson for the Freedom Fighters Coalition, which now enjoys support from many local progressive groups and networks -- mentioned toward the end of this video.