Dear Free Press:  

In modern political parlance, the word "liberal", like Jesus who exemplified it, has been crucified. Only we must not expect its resurrection in our lifetimes.  

My fellow Democarts, we should turn the tables. There is nothing "conservative" about launching wars of choice. There is nothing "conservative" about running record federal deficits and burdening our children with what amounts to a birth tax. There is nothing "conservative" about a largely Republican corporate culture that is polluting our earth and the minds of our children while paying little taxes and sending our jobs overseas. There is nothing "conservative" about selling out our future in hopes that God will someday sort things out.

The true "conservatives", honest and civil and fiscally responsible, have been marginalized by Regressive Republicans who want our nation to regress to the days when we did not look after our elderly, when abortions were performed in the back alley, and when social justice was the dream of a black reverend.

So, if we are to now call ourselves "progressives" rather than "liberals", then in every political conversation, in every letter to the editor or e-mail to a friend, in every sign held up at a protest, let's start calling our opponents "regressives" rather than "conservatives". Let's stand up to the "Regressive Republicans". Let's start calling them like they are.

Todd Huffman, M.D.
Eugene, Oregon Columbus native