he Palestinian-Israeli nightmare has a solution: men must exit the process.

The blood rivalry is deepening. It’s being used to fuel anti-Jewish/anti-Muslim hatred, spiraling into an epic abyss extending far beyond the Middle East. Global catastrophe stares us in the face.

Parallel disputes have been mitigated, including Northern Ireland’s unhinged 350-year Catholic-Protestant civil war, where women played a key role in bringing about peace.

But this one stands alone. It demands a game-changer.

As everywhere, men are responsible for nearly all the violence. We must now defer to the ultimate arbiters of birth and survival — women.

Only those who bear the first joy and pain of childbirth can grasp the magnitude of this situation.

Here’s how it can go:

Simultaneous referenda must be staged within the Israeli and Palestinian communities.

Only those who identify as women can vote. Each side will elect seven females to negotiate a binding mediation.

Seven is a workable number for each “team.” Fourteen is about the max any group discussion can handle.

Facilitators will be chosen by each side. These too will all identify as women. At least some will not be Israeli, Palestinian, Christian, Muslim, or Jewish.

All Middle-Eastern fighting, rocket shooting, new settlements, etc. must cease as discussions proceed.

The process will drag on. But each side must agree that they will not give up, and that the solution they finally birth will be binding.

To enforce the outcome, we respectfully suggest that throughout the world, all those who identify as women further agree that should anyone identifying as male violate the agreement, all intimate relations with all men everywhere will cease until the situation is resolved.

This “Lysistrata Method” originated in a 411 BC play by Aristophanes (a guy) protesting Athens’ catastrophic war with Sparta. Greek society did not buy in. A plague/pandemic devastated the city.

For you who scoff at this “Lysistrata Method,” here’s the ultimate question: What else you got?

Throughout history, women have led the charge for peace. Amidst this apocalyptic Middle-Eastern miasma, they must now take definitive control.

Guys … brace yourselves!!!


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