The Green Party of Ohio is proud to announce the Making Democracy REAL! campaign, a major statewide, 18-month effort to get the people of Ohio involved in the democratic process. Part of the freedom in the democratic process is for people to be able to participate in government which daily makes decisions that affects their lives. There is a disconnect between most Ohioans and their government at the local, state and national levels. Our Making Democracy REAL! campaign aims to address this issue on several fronts: To 1) Get more people to run for office 2) Create a coalition of groups to work towards changing Ohio's undemocratic electoral laws 3) Initiate a major voter registration drive 4) Hold a series of local events across Ohio for communities to discuss these issues 5) Gain Ballot Access for the Green Party of Ohio.

One of the most intense ways to become involved in one's democracy is to stand for elected office. Currently we are governed by a "professional politician" class that is often very insulated from the people they are supposed to represent. We are seeking everyday Ohioans to be candidates to run FOR SCHOOL BOARDS, TOWNSHIP TRUSTEES and CITY COUNCILS in 2003 as Green Party Candidates. We intend to establish the Green Party as a major voice for Ohioans --not career politicians or special interests. JED THORP, a Green Party member, is one such person who has stepped forward and is running for City Council in Fostoria, Ohio.

For any candidate attempting to run for office or any voter stepping into the voting booth, we also find it puzzling that only two political parties claim to cover the diverse spectrum of views and beliefs of all Americans. Most healthy democratic countries have a flourishing number of political parties with broad spectrums of beliefs. However, with the Republicans and Democrats rigging the electoral laws for decades it becomes easier to understand. The Green Party is planning to bring a little democratic liberation home and establish a coalition of parties and organizations to change Ohio's restrictive and undemocratic electoral laws. Nevertheless, despite the restrictive ballot access laws, the Green Party of Ohio will be seeking official ballot status for the 2004 elections. Members and supporters will be gathering the required 32,290 voter signatures all across Ohio. We ask Ohio voters to support this effort.

But it doesn't matter who or what is on the ballot if individual Ohioans never get to the voting booth. Therefore, we are organizing a major voter registration drive, aimed at registering thousands of Ohio's non voters. The Green Party is committed to build the base and unity of the peace movement in Ohio. Our members are involved in nearly every part of the state working for peace.

Finally, the Green Party of Ohio is planning a series of events and town meetings across the state to discuss these and other issues important to the people of Ohio.

State Coordinating Committee Members
Michael Renock-Welker - Crawford Co. - Mid-Ohio 419-462-2618
Anita Rios Lucas Co. - Northwest Ohio - 419- 243-8772
Logan Martinez - Montgomery Co. - West Central 937-275-7259
Deborah Baker Franklin Co. - Central Ohio - 614-443-2845