COLUMBUS – Mayoral Candidate Bill Todd today filed a lawsuit on behalf of five Columbus City School residents accusing the Ohio Department of Education and the Columbus City School System of maintaining an unfair and inequitable system of education.  

“The State of Ohio and the Columbus City Schools have allowed wide disparities in per pupil funding inside the Columbus schools. This system is unconstitutional in that it falls in the face of the state mandate to maintain a thorough and efficient system of public schools that provide equal educational opportunities to all students,” Todd said.

Todd filed the lawsuit on behalf of five Columbus residents who live in the Columbus School system. He said-

*The average per pupil expenditure for elementary schools in Columbus is $10,684 (2005-06 School Year)

*One of the top spending elementary schools, Winterset Elementary School, spent $12,507 per pupil (2005-2006 School Year)

*The bottom spending elementary school, Liberty Elementary, spends $7,779 per pupil (2005-2006 School Year).  Liberty Elementary School is considered a failing school by the Ohio Department of Education

Todd said that approximately half of the 41 failing elementary schools in Columbus spend less than the system-wide average for elementary schools.  “This is not a partisan issue. This is an economic issue about the future of our children in Columbus,” Todd said. 

Governor Strickland recently made a powerful point when he stated that “There is a connection between economic growth, job growth and a highly educated, highly skilled work force. Education at every level must be available to all Ohioans.  We need to do two things: reform our schools and provide adequate, equitable funding.” 

“I look forward to working with Governor Strickland and our state and local leaders to ensure that Columbus and all of Ohio maintains a fair and equitable system of education,” Todd said.