#102 Gree-Gree Zoom July 18 , 2022

We hear from BRIAN STEINBERG about Michigan’s amazing statewide referenda to win a Constitutional Amendment guaranteeing a woman’s right to control her body, and to make it easier for ordinary citizens to exercise their democratic rights. 

 An astonishing 750,000+ signatures have been gathered, guaranteeing a sea change in Michigan politics that should be matched throughout the country if the progressive movement was actually awake.

JOEL SEGAL, WILLIE FLEMING, RAY MCCLENDON and ROBERT WILSON then fill us in on the all-important grassroots/relational organizing in North Carolina and Georgia, two states that would swing the entire nation.

Florida’s JIM LANGFORD joins Oregon’s LAWRENCE TAYLOR & SHERRY HEALY to update the Progressive Democrats of America’s work to democratize the Democratic Party.

TATANKA BRICCA then updates us on California’s campaign for a Green New Deal and the desperate attempt to get the horrendous Diablo Canyon shut before it unleashes an apocalyptic cloud killing millions of people and permanently destroying the American ecology and economy.

At the top of the second hour we’re joined by MARK KARLIN, founder/editor of BUZZFLASH.  

Mark has broken a mind-boggling expose of Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley’s being poised take control of the country in the absence of Mike Pence.

We then hear from STEVE BANNON in a one-minute clip of his pre-election celebration that DONALD TRUMP was about to abolish elections and make himself king.

This astonishing, unprecedented ranting rivals the Hitler Inner Circle's celebrations of the burning of the Reichstag.

For anyone who cares about American democracy, this one-hour excursion into the attempted Trump coup is absolutely essential.  Don’t miss it.

See also Harvey's latest on Califorrnia Nuclear pitfall: