Dear Arab Americans of Central Ohio, CAIR-Ohio, and other community activists:

Hiba Nasser (of CAIR-Ohio & Muslim Women's Network) brought to the attention of community activists that the Arab-American Civil Rights Association (in Michigan) is organizing a march to protest Meijer's violation of civil rights of Arab people in Westland, Michigan (see below). Please boycott Meijer in solidarity with the Arab-American Civil Rights Association (Westland, MI) and let Meijer know that you are boycotting it until it stops its discrimination against Arab people. You can call 1-800-543-3704 (toll-free) to let Meijer know about your opinion (Meijer's contact information is listed at -- if you are a journalist, please check as well). Tell Meijer that you stand by the Arab-American Civil Rights Association, that you will not tolerate anti-Arab discrimination by Meijer, and that you will not patronize Meijer until it stops its anti-Arab practice.


WHAT: The Arab-American Civil Rights Association is planning a march in front of Meijer in Westland, Mich. The march is being supported by many Area Mosques and is being organized by the Arab American Civil Rights Association. Imad Chammout, a long time community activist is taking the lead in this March. Imad has been organizing Protests in the Arab American community for over 20 years. He has a record of bringing up to 10,000 Protestors to events.

It is alleged that a Meijer cashier refused to provide service to two Arab men. The cashier allegedly stated, You Arabs get out of here, we don't want to serve you guys, we don't have to serve you. Go back to your country...Dirty Arabs. To add insult to injury, a Meijer spokesman was quoted as saying, "Our team member didn't do anything wrong." Below is more details:

WHERE: In front of Meijer, 37201 Warren Rd., Westland, Michigan

WHEN: Sunday, June 22, 2003 at 5 p.m.

CONTACT: (313) 443-0303 *****

Cf. Please note that the organizer of the Meijer protest named above, Mr. Imad Chammout, is well known for his good work to protect civil rights and liberties of all, for instance, by challenging (with support of the Michigan ACLU, the National Lawyers Guild, and the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee) the City of Dearborn's "ordinance requiring a permit and a 30-day waiting period before political protests can be held" (see and ).