Dear Harvey,
I am a friend of Bob. I met you at a Free Press et. al conference pre-last presidential election. While I have admired your work for years, it took your article on Shakespeare and Co to move me to contact you.

I, too, left a part of me that still inspirits the streets of Paris. As I read the first few paragraphs of your article, I thought immediately of my own experience (not as grand as yours) and, of the recent Woody Allen film. How delighted I was to read on and find your reference to "Midnight in Paris." And, what a beautiful symmetry was felt in your remembrance of your first stay and the juxtaposition of your last return; the kindness of the gentleman who let you stay and then the kindness of your message to him, now upstairs where you had been.

I remember years ago seeing a documentary about the first owner of S&Co along with her lesbian lover. I also remember the simple act of kindness that was extended to James Joyce when no one would publish his novel Ulysses. The owner said, "Would you like me to publish your book, James?" It was so sweet, so unassuming, so considerate.

Simple acts of kindness are obviously the secret ingredient of Shakespeare and Co. These simple acts of kindness have brought magnificent change to the world, not the least being your tremendous influence upon it. In our short conversations at the conference, you spoke about beauty and youth and then you showed me a photo of your beautiful daughters.

It seeems to me that while you have struggled for years against the forces that are so antithetical to creation and the creative spirit that lives within us all, you have still maintained the romantic that, I am guessing, moved you to your activism in the first place and,I,someone who aspires (at 59 years old) to be more like you, want to share my inspiration from you with you this evening.

Happy New Year, Harvey.

Christine R.