The details and media reaction to missing government record concerning former National Security Adviser Sandy Berger and Resident George W. Bush is very important. Sandy Berger made some notes on the efforts of the Clinton Administration and accidentally removed COPIES of some documents on the subject. No original documents are missing and no facts are being hidden from public view by Berger’s actions. Berger screwed-up but there is no cover-up! Bush’s military records have been found to be conveniently and permanently destroyed.

Right Wing Talk Radio, Fox News and Republican politicians have been spinning the Berger incident as some kind of Clinton cover-up. The facts make their arguments bad jokes on the voting public. Taking copies of documents and leaving the originals are not cover-up behavior. The timing of the leak about the Justice Department investigation certainly looks fishy. The 9-11 Investigative Commission report is due to be released this week. Creating a non-issue controversy to distract voters from the failures of the Bush Administration seems to be a standard operating practice for the Bush Republicans.

Leaking information about this Justice Department investigation looks likely to be a violation of US law as well as a dirty political tactic. Congress should be investigating the leak along with the FBI and Justice Department. The White House might be involved in this leak like they appear to be concerning the Novak-Traitorgate scandal where Ambassador Wilson’s active CIA agent wife had her identity illegally revealed. The Novak-Traitorgate scandal did involve serious national security damage unlike the current Berger non-scandal.

The missing Bush military records that disappeared are all originals. Destroying these records did prevent the American public from knowing the facts surrounding Bush’s military service. The missing documents seem to be only those surrounding the years when Bush may or may not have been serving in the National Guard. Anyone interested in those missing documents should read this article in the Lahontan Valley News, “Lies Deception, Cover-up; The Bush Legacy” by Glen McAdoo .

The missing Bush Military records should have been a bigger story than the Berger documents story. The Corporate Media has not given this scandal the attention it deserves. These documents have been destroyed and facts remain hidden.

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