The great Republican Contraceptoversy of 2012 further proves the decline of old line GOP moderatism. REPUBLICANS, the so-called "business" party, should be the first to acknowledge that an unintended pregnancy's cost to society is WAY HIGHER than the price of some pills. Republicans, oh yeah, the so-called champions of pro-life, should be first to concede that the more CONTRACEPTION availability, the less ABORTIONS. Unless of course this party's moderate wing is so bent by the religious right, it is no longer allowed to diiferentiate between the two.

Everything in today's republican agenda seems to dovetail to a FULLY EMPLOYED AMERICA (yay!) working for peanuts, evening the domestic labor market down domestically to compete globally, just the way the elephants like it: Abundant cheap labor in prison, the military or in society. Their choice. To wit: Outlaw abortions you get more cheap labor in the future. Make contraception harder to obtain, same shit, different way. Meanwhile, squeeze out social programs that help Americans get ahead so its work cheap or die, bitch. No Abortions Now = Cheap US Labor later, so that's one area where Big Business and Religious Right interests coagulate.

These basic market pressures move the younger and more able-bodied to,~ howbout that! ~ the wars. Where, for some reason ~ probably some very business-like cost-benefit-bio-expendability analysis ~ BILLION$ for scifi-like drone killing machines and pinpoint satellite imagery is always available but somehow there's never the measly MILLION$ to fully armor-plate our troop carriers?!?

You - YOU moderate republicans, its time you stepped up and took some fucking whacks for your so-called "party of Lincoln" being taken over by the far side, the Limbaughs, the haters... You moderate republicans are the Chamberlains of your age, too scared to stand up to biblemongers and as always too wimpy to stand down the war machine even as you know, you always knew because you’re the accountants, right? The math guys, the brainy side of your party… you knew in in your moderate heart of hearts that these obscene costs for these obscene ends more than anything was and is bankrupting our nation...

Too pissy-eyed pussy to say to your own party's radicals: Universal health care is also universal PREcare, which saves society money in the long run! Too hiding-behind-the-davenport to even proclaim you ARE moderate, too CHICKENpelleteverywhereyoustepinthecoopSHIT to even field one Godblessid’ proud-to-be-a-moderate-republican presidential candidate!

Look at you! Just look …at… YOU! Get up every morning, brush your teeth, combover your hair PRETENDING to be a conservative.

Yes America, it's that much of a conservative witchhunt down in the GOPherhole! You have to apologize for, downplay and downright DISAVOW your moderate achievements in today's republican climate. Which basically means anything bipartisan you've ever done or supported.

There was a window around 2002 when moderate republicans and their secret lovers across the aisle the centrist democrats could have stood with a small but treasured handful of liberal democrats opposing the war and ACTUALLY STOPPED THE WAR. As in, from ever happening. Instead, moderates, centrists, all of you cowards, took your marching orders from the Big business, the war machine and the religious right. And marched us right into war and bankruptcy.

In time the rise of the conservative religious right and its weird, unholy alliance with the military-industrial complex may yet be dismantled, and its influence disempowered. But regardless of outcome to this dangerous drama of our times is one simple fact:

It was moderate republicans, the stunning silence and capitulation of moderate American republicans, that let it be.