This breakthrough two-hour networking session joins RAY MCCLENDON and ANDREA MILLER of the “Georgia Miracle” with RACHEL COYLE and COURTNEY FLYNN of swing state Ohio, where a major grassroots victory has been won protecting the referendum process.

Ray tells us he has now helped form a new multi-state organization to help spread the grassroots tactics and strategies that famously turned two US Senate seats from Georgia into a reshaped majority in the nation’s upper house.

Andrea explains some of the key organizing principles that have made her work at the Center for Common Ground so critically important to protecting democracy throughout our nation.  

Rachel then explains how the grassroots forces in the Buckeye State beat back a GOP attempt to destroy the referendum process.

She’s joined by Courtney Flynn from the Ohio Voter Rights Coalition, which helped turn this seemingly un-winnable fight into a landmark victory for democracy.

Joining these great multi-state organizers will hopefully help yield a transcendent campaign operation that will spread from the Ohio/Georgia axis throughout the US in the coming years, especially in the lead-up to 2024.

Joining the dialog is VINNIE DESTEFANO of the Julian Assange campaign who is full of brilliant campaign tactics—banner drops and more—usable by grassroots groups throughout the world.

JOHN STEINER and WENDI LEDERMAN add to the critical dialog.

ERIC LAZARUS joins the great RUSSELL GREENE to fill us in on the major march coming up at the United Nations on September 17.  Russell continues to break barriers with his signature brilliance and perseverance.

FOREST BEAUDOIN-FREED and MARK HARRISON contribute to the dialog.

MYLA RESON warns that despite his progressive reputation, US Senator SHELDON WHITEHOUSE has been a dangerous advocate of atomic power.

For our second hour, we’re joined by Teamster organizer AARON WAZLAVEK who celebrates his union’s hard-won wins and promises to join us again.

In our second hour, the great STEVE DONZIGER tells us of the monumental victory of the Ecuadorian people, who’ve become the first national population to vote a ban on oil drilling.  

Steve has become a major figure in the progressive movement as a result of Chevon’s attacks against him, and will be feted at a fundraising event in Topanga Canyon, California, headlined by JANE FONDA, JODIE EVANS and others.    

Steve’s fundraiser host, DOROTHY REIK, fills us in on the big mistake the oil industry has made in taking away attorney Donziger’s law license.  What a travesty!!! 


The great CAMILLA REES punctuates the drama with critical references to the fight to shut the Diablo Canyon nukes.

Thank you all for joining us in this monumental dialog.  No Nukes!  And we wish the people of Ecuador success in protecting the beloved Amazon.