Michael Moore and his team of volunteers has again wowed the film industry and viewers with more films, film panels, film school, and film parties than ever before. Moore is committed to making the festival more accessible to all viewing guests and had several free film screenings as well as free panels and discussions. As Moore described, "This year we worked harder than ever to provide a fun and affordable festival for everyone, no matter their budget. We want everyone to be able to enjoy just great movies in the one of the most beautiful areas of the country."

And "Just Great Movies" were exactly that. From documentaries on Afghanistan, Gore Vidal, Nixon, and Nuclear Energy, the film festival viewers were changed and intrigued by the in-depth and thoughtful presentations. Narrative films such as "Kon Tiki", "Much Ado About Nothing," and "Bypass" among many others thrilled the viewers with their humor and sexy style.

Several renowned film makers such as Michael Stuhlberg, ("Blue Jasmine"), Elaine Stritch, ("Just Shoot Me"), and Michael Apted ("56 Up") among many others shared their film making secrets with the festival audiences. And there were parties galore before and after the film viewings.

"Movies that can Change You" was the festival's theme, and the 119,000 admissions showed the audience's love and dedication to cinema. The Traverse City Film Festival" turns 10 years old in 2014, and already Michael Moore and his planners/volunteers are making that festival even more captivating and unique. Don't Miss It--I know I won't!