Not to extend Ann Coulter's fame past the news cycle on her latest indescretion but I have to say Bill O'Reilly got it right when noting that people like her make for bad PR for the "convervatives." It makes me wonder what they are conserving? Ann Coulter gives Connecticut Yankee such a bad connotation I want to take the name off the candle.

Her response to Hillary was apparently- Bill treats women badly too so I can trash 9-11 widows? She is clearly someone trying to elevate herself in the realm of Presidential by her assaults on probably, notwithstanding his humbly admitted human sins, what history will prove one of our greatest modern Presidents for all the substantive reasons that would elude Coulter. She takes "journalism" to new heights of puss-yellow when flinging allegations against Clinton. The humbly admitting human sins also seems to be something that eludes her and the Republican smug religious right which is often neither. "Religion" cautioned Billy Graham is often the problem- where God should instead reign. Coulter- who gives new meaning to "skinny bitch" (I can say it because I am female like Irish people can make drunk jokes) is so totally lacking in grace, dignity, and kindness she should be the poster girl for why you shouldn't send your daughters to Cornell. What the heck happened to make her so bitter? 

It is a sad commentary on the culture that someone like Coulter would get such air time for her book promotion when people should care about what she thinks less than what they care about Suzanne Sommers has to say on global warming or Dolly Parton has to say about foreign currency devaluation. Coulter castigates the left for being "inauthentic" and demands a debate on issues where she claims the left hides behind their victims. Who is more authentically able to tell of the harms that befell them than those who were subjected to the harm? She castigates the 9-11 widows who organized to make the country safer rather than be swallowed in their grief along with Cindy Sheehan who lost a son because she is mad she can't answer to them. Well guess what- she can't answer to them. That's because they are real women with real suffering and she is more spoiled than hot rotten eggs and a year old potato.

Right on Bill O'Reilly (a statement you rarely hear from the "left") - the twiggy of nasty political bigotry does your cause about as much service as OJ does for the NFL. Time for a new poster girl.