The undisputed king of the 80’s indie scene is back, and he’s still pissed. It’s been seven years since we last heard from this one-time Smiths front man. If you thought age would mellow the old bloke, think again. The definition of the word Quarry in Old English means “the hunted.” Listening to You are the Quarry, it’s clear nobody is safe.

The opening track, “America is Not the World,” is a tirade that finds Moz blasting his adopted homeland. The first words Big Mouth unleashes are, “America /Your head’s to big /Because America /Your belly’s too big.” Before he’s done, Morrissey rips the land of opportunity for never electing a black, female or gay president, and tells us where to shove our hamburgers. Thanks to this track, America now knows that, “In Estonia they say/ hey you, you big fat pig.” This rant flows over infectious textbook pop.

Producer Jerry Finn, who also helped Blink-182 and Greenday find their sound, describes You are the Quarry as, “creamy and organic.” Whatever you call it, Finn provides the quintessential 80’s style backdrop for Morrissey’s musing.

The first single released off the album is “Irish Blood, English Heart.” Here the Manchester Phnom has his way with Great Britain. The man who once said the The sorrow of the Brighton bombing is that Thatcher escaped unhurt, again waylays his birthplace. Morrissey laments, “I’ve been dreaming of a time when /The English are sick to death of Labour and Tories /And spit upon the name Oliver Cromwell /And denounce the royal line that still salute him.” Morrissey hurls his liberating stones spouting, “No regime can buy or sell me /And I will die with both hands untied.” This single has charted in both the US and UK, giving Moz one of his biggest commercial successes of his career.

You are the Quarry is a war of words that typify Morrissey’s persona of romanticism, shock, vulnerability, and confrontation. While lyrically the album never disappoints, musically speaking at times, the fire gets lost somewhere in the middle. His croon-at-the-moon sensibility truly demands your attention. You can’t drop the needle and forget it the same way you did The Queen is Dead. However, You are the Quarry no less showcases Morrissey’s unmistakable qualities. Before the last track finally fades, Moz has verbally assaulted taxmen, businessmen, policemen, politicians, women, pop stars, but most often his target is himself. He even at one arrogant moment forgives Jesus for disserting him. One thing is clear, even though his quiff is turning gray, Morrissey hasn’t disserted us yet. You are the Quarry is a wonderful piece of poetic imagery worthy of your collection.

Download These: America is not the World; Irish Blood, English Heart; First of the Gang to Die.