FOOD INC., now showing at the Drexel, is a genuine must-see tour de force. Featuring primarily food author/activists Michael Pollan and Eric Schlosser, this lengthy but very watchable documentary gem lays out the horrific crisis America faces in feeding itself---or rather, in being force-fed by corporate evil-doers. The agri-rape and pillage of Monsanto and its unholy host of boardroom buccaneers has made a mess of our food production and distribution system. If you can face the ravages of the mass meat industry without becoming a vegetarian, you are ready for a job as Dick Cheney's private chef. Despite its pithy topic, the film never lapses into jargon. Nor does lose its pace or punch. Grounded with excellent appearances by regular down-home farmers and true mainstream folk, this is a march to where we all live and eat. Lets hope it has an impact. Thanks to Jeff & Cathy Frank for bringing---and keeping---it here. Bring the kids. They'll never drag you to McDonald's again!!