The last year has been historic for the cannabis movement. A record number of statehouses have brought up legislation to legalize cannabis for medical and even recreational purposes. One person actively pushing for cannabis rights in Ohio is Toledo resident Kevin Spitler. He is hosting the first annual “Ohio Medical Marijuana Expo” this Saturday in Toledo. I sat down with Kevin and tried to get readers a better idea of what he is trying to accomplish with this first of its kind event here in Ohio. M.R. First off Kevin, could I get a bit of background information on you for the readers? K.S. 40 years old and an Ohio native, I migrated to Michigan in search of relief in 2009. I became more and more involved in helping people along the line of education and found several avenues to do this. After several endeavors Med Joint Community Compassion Center was created. Med Joint took the lead in community involvements as well as safe access, Community involvements like a food drive which dropped off over 10,000 pounds of food to a local food pantry. I am now involved with Ohio Rights Group in the effort to help legalize Medical Cannabis as well as Industrial Hemp. I feel it is my duty to help my family and friends as well as other potential patients in Ohio find the same relief I have from medical cannabis, without the high. M.R. What specifically are you trying to accomplish with the event? K.S. With the Ohio Medical Marijuana Expo we are trying to bring a different way of thinking to the minds of people. Everyone knows you can get high from marijuana, last I checked, not many are aware you do not have to be stoned. With one person dying of accidental overdose of pharmaceutical drugs every 19 minutes society deserves an alternative. M.R. What speakers or vendors are you excited about having for the event? K.S. I am truly excited to have Cheryl Shuman headlining our event. She brings a whole new picture of social acceptance to the table of society. John Pardee, Ohio Rights Group president will also be speaking about the Ohio Rights Group’s initiative. We have some amazing educational tables lined up. Educational Organizations like Macomb / Oakland Compassion Club, as well as the Michigan Sober Project. M.R. Where do you think the marijuana culture will be in Ohio 5 years from now? K.S. I see medical cannabis and industrial hemp in Ohio in five years. I see it making a huge impact in the way Ohioans acquire that much needed better quality of life. I also see Ohio farmers being able to add industrial hemp into their cycle which will allow them to profit from the ever-growing need for hemp based products worldwide. If you are looking for a way to support the cannabis movement in the Buckeye State, you may want to take a few hours to attend this historic event, Ohio Medical Marijuana Expo October 12, 2013 21 and up = $5 Under 21 = $7 18 and older only show Doors open at 7pm “Headliners” 4500 N. Detroit Toledo, Ohio 43612 More info 269-615-5706