Well, I am very disappointed at the fact that Zimmerman was found not guilty because I know, as well as everyone else, that George Zimmerman committed homicide, on the day of April 11, 2012. The fact that his father was a retired judge and that his parents had money means they could have paid the judge and the police off so that George could be proven not guilty. In other words, who really knows the reason he wasn't found guilty?

Also, I do not understand why African Americans get so enraged when a white person kills a black person. We have people dying every day from black-on-black crime and no one ever cares, right? Because it’s no big deal.

So, before we point the finger, I believe it is important to make a difference in the world we live in, to start a change, and be the change. Believe it or not, according a report published by Columbus Dispatch on July 18, 2013, the crime rate for homicides in Columbus from 2000-2012 has actually lowered down to 44.

Okay lets break this down even more. The same Dispatch article claimed that by gender, males seem to get killed more than women; by age, people between the ages of (20-39) die the most; by race, black people have the lead: and the cause of most deaths are by shootings.