The National Day of Prayer is set for May 5, 2005. This particular event is controlled by right-wing extremist James Dobson and his wife Shirley. Mr. Dobson is the leader of Focus on the Family, a right-wing organization that among other things, is calling for Supreme Cout Justices to be impeached, is anti-homosexual and anti-choice, and so on. Despite their claims regarding the Bible anf God, neither James or Shirley are ordained ministers, nor do they have any theological education or training.

Here in our state, the "Ohio Restoration Project" is gearing up to begin their assault on our freedom and diversity. We need you to respond and what better way to do that than on the National Day of Prayer!  We need you to do the following:

1. Contact your local, state, and federal elected officials and tell them that you support freedom, diversity, and equality for ALL people and you expect them to do the same.

2. Write and submit Letters to the Editor of your city or neighborhood newspapers. Tell them that the Ohio Restoration Project and its supporters like Rod Parsley and Phil Burress DO NOT represent the views and faiths of all the people of Ohio. Point out that this group wants to take over and impose their own interpretation of Biblical law onto others, that they are anti-homosexual, anti-muslim, anti-choice, and that they want to limit and even eliminate the civil and constitutional rights of those who they  believe to be "inferior" or "deviant". Tell them that the Ohio Restoration Project and their supporters can take their bigotry someplace else.

3. Contact your Pastor and/or church Board and tell them you do not want their church or Pastor to join or otherwise support this bigoted group of hate-mongers because they are a threat to the freedom and rights of all people, not just certain groups of people, but EVERYONE.

If you church or group is already planning to hold a service, or a rally, or other type of event on or related to the National Day of Prayer, feel free to send us the info and we'll gladly pass it on to others. Please feel free to send us a copy of your "Letter to the Editor" if you wish.

We must unite and defend the rights of all people. We need YOU to step up to the plate and speak out, get involved, help us organize against these threats.

BFC is a liberal, progressive intetrfaith ministry that supports diversity and equality, and also challenges hate, bigotry, and discrimination thru advocacy and education.