Green Grassroots Emergency Election Protection Zoom #133, April 17, 2023

Our Green Emergency Election Protection Coalition Zoom #133 begins with ANDY MOORE of the National Association of Non-Partisan Reformers, a nationwide coalition of organizations working for election reform.

The great ANDREA MILLER of the Center for Common Ground fills us in on her great grassroots push in Virginia.

NORM STOCKWELL of then explains the aftermath of the progressive movement’s huge Supreme Court victory in Wisconsin, which will stretch deep into the 2024 presidential election.

We then hear from the great ANNA GYORGY about German’s monumental decision to shut down ALL its atomic reactors, which finally closed on April 15.

In tandem we hear about the world-changing ENERGIEWENDE, Germany’s incredibly rapid and effective shift toward a 100% green-powered energy supply in the world’s 4th-largest economy.  

Anna is joined by SCOTT DENMAN and by LINDA PENCE, both legendary long-term safe energy activists with great things to say about this European dawn of Solartopia.   

PART TWO:  SECOND HOUR…..please also put this on the air where you can…


We hear from the astounding STEVE DONZIGER about his now-legendary fight against Chevron’s destruction of the Ecuadorian rain forest.

Steve has endured unconscionable assaults from Chevron and a completely corrupted legal system.

His persistent resistance has made him a global legend.  Join us to hear why.

We are then joined by DEEPA DRIVER with a powerful report from London on the latest developments in the fight for the freedom of JULIAN ASSANGE.

And we hear from VINNIE DE STEFANO on American support work for both Donziger and Assange.

If you are at all concerned about the future of the global ecology and the American legal system, don’t miss this show.

Tatanka Bricca
Anti-Fossil Hero CHEVRON’s Nemesis
Andrea Miller
Norm Stockwell
Wisconsin Supremes’ Big Grassroots Win
Anna Gyorgy:
Germany Shuts ’em ALL Down
Scott Denman Small, Nuclear Fails
Linda Pentz Gunter
Tatanka Bricca
Deepa Driver
Vinnie De Stefano
on Julian Assange
Andy Moore National Association of Non-Partisan Reformers