This week the House & Senate debate 2004 budget plans. They will be voting to give tax cuts to the rich or to invest in children and families - choices that will affect the nation for years to come.

ACTION ITEMS: 1. Call your Senators and Reps using the AFL-CIO toll-free legislative line at: 1-888-280-6279. 2. E-mail your Members of Congress at: 3. Mobilize others to call, e-mail, and set up phone banks by using the flier at: and

What You Can Ask Your Senators & Rep To Do:
1. Vote NO on Republican Budget Committees' budget resolutions.
2. Stop all tax giveaways for millionaires.
3. Stop the Bush plan to dismantle Head Start, block grant, Medicaid, foster care, and low income housing.
4. Stop all proposals that would cut, freeze, or eliminate crucial children's programs.
5. Support the Dodd-Miller Act to Leave No Child Behind (S. 448 & H.R. 936).