Hold Bush and His Joint Co-Conspirators Criminally Accountable! You can join the movement to indict Bush Administration officials who committed war crimes, "legalized" torture, and engaged in massive illegal spying and wiretapping against the American people.
Click this link if you support the indictment of George W. Bush and other high officials.
The rule of law, justice, and basic integrity require the indictment for criminal wrongdoing of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Donald Rumsfeld, Alberto Gonzales, and other high officials of the former Bush Administration.

The media establishment is surprised by the ground swell of support from the grassroots for the pursuit of individuals who committed grievous crimes during the Bush era.

We are not surprised that the people are demanding accountability for those who committed wars of aggression, torture, and subverted the Constitution and thus violated not only their oaths of office but domestic and international law.

These crimes are not abstract nor can they be ignored as belonging to a distant past. Millions of people have suffered and continue to suffer because of the criminal invasion of Iraq.

The vital resources of the country have been drained in a criminal enterprise benefiting war profiteers. The people know of and are outraged by the billions of dollars in profit made by Dick Cheney's Halliburton and that is only the tip of the iceberg.

The pressure is building. President Obama said at his press conference this week, "My view is also that nobody's above the law, and if there are clear instances of wrongdoing, that people should be prosecuted just like any ordinary citizen," when asked about the pursuit of Bush Administration officials for criminal wrongdoing.

In a new poll, an astounding 2/3 of the American public favors investigating whether the Bush Administration broke the law. "A majority of respondents said a probe should be launched into allegations that the Bush team used torture...[and] investigators also should look into the former President's program of wiretapping U.S. citizens without first securing court-issued warrants." (AFP 2/12/09)

The Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, John Conyers, and the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Patrick Leahy, are both proposing to launch investigations into the possibilities of criminal conduct by high officials in the Bush Administration.

Six years ago, Ramsey Clark launched the movement to Impeach Bush. You and more than a million other people came forward to demand the impeachment of Bush and other high ranking officials at VoteToImpeach and ImpeachBush. It was this movement with its principled and primary demand for accountability that changed the political climate in the United States. It broke open the media blockade with newspapers ads calling for impeachment. Community organizing, person to person outreach, and demonstrations shifted the debate and helped turn the tide against the impunity of Bush's crimes. He has been forced to leave office in disgrace.

A Criminal Indictment is Necessary

Now we are taking the next step in the pursuit of protecting and saving the Constitution. Justice will have no meaning without the prosecution of Bush, Cheney and others for their criminal acts. It would also have a resounding effect on all those who would dare to subvert the Constitution of the U.S., take the country into a war of aggression and trash the economy and the fundamental human rights of people in the U.S. and around the globe.

You can play an important role in this movement. By spreading the word to your friends, neighbors and coworkers you can help it grow into a powerful political force.

Sign the new petition demanding that Bush and Co. be indicted now. Get everyone you know to sign. We had to fight an uphill battle to bring articles of impeachment to the floor of Congress - but we did it! If you signed for impeachment and you believe indictment is a necessity - please take one moment to sign now! We need everyone's voices, coming together to be heard. Now is the time to act.

We have launched a major new initiative that will include grassroots pressure on Congress, press conferences, petitions, newspaper ads, rallies and mass demonstrations in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere.

As a proud member of the impeachment movement, become a charter member of the IndictBushNow campaign.

We can force the prosecution of Bush, Cheney and the other criminals. Please take action to make it happen.