Advertisement is a new coalition/movement in America dedicated to coordinating the activities of scores of grassroots and progressive organizations under one umbrella to effect change on a national level. We will be powerful because we will lead millions of citizens, without fear, to save and protect our beloved democracy.

VelvetRevolution (VR) will be a social and political movement that is not afraid to inform the citizenry, and act against power grabs, media bias, fraud, disenfranchisement and injustice. We will be able to act on a dime and be prepared beforehand for predictable outcomes of those in power. All those who are founding members of VR have been involved in the post-election fight for electoral fairness. Two of VRs’s first calls to action will be electoral reform and a divestiture campaign against the four major vote machine companies which we will give 20 days to meet our demands or we will unleash the power of the economy on them through the sustained action of millions of citizens. Companies that do not support democracy do not deserve to stay in business in America.

VR is issue based rather than party based, and we have many established and powerful groups that have already joined with us, and dozens more will do so in the coming days and weeks after our official launch on January 10th! We also have the support of many of the courageous Congresspersons who stood up to the Republicans in Washington on January 6th. VR wants you to be a part of this movement to use the power of the people to insure truth and justice in our democracy. VR is your organization and we welcome you as pioneering American Velvet Revolutionaries! Let us know on what issues you want us to lead. You can write to us at And so begins the new Velvet Revolution….

-- American Velvet Revolutionaries...
Brad Friedman (The BRAD BLOG)
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