Just one short week ago, I read Ray McGovern's excellent article Israel’s Window to Bomb Iran; suggesting that Israel has a limited window to attack Iran. In a nutshell, McGovern argues that Israel may believe that they will have no chance of attacking Iran after Nov 2012. Israel is isolated due to the Arab Spring, Turkey's repudiation of their long standing support of Israel, and international reaction to the Palestinian issue. Obama will cave to Israel (again) during the run up the the Presidential election in order to ensure support of the Israel lobby and thus reelection. And so, Israel may view this as their last chance.

And so today we read that Iran (gasp) is behind a new (fake?) terror plot, announced boldly by Atty General Eric Holder. The allegation is rather ridiculous on it's face; but it is that some official group within Iran (ever heard of Iran’s Qods Force?) hired two (only two, really?) men to approach the Mexican Drug Cartels (kidding me, right?) to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador, by bombing the embassy or a restaurant frequented by the Saudi Ambassador. But fortunately, the man that approached the Mexican drug cartel happened to talk to an undercover DEA agent (really!), and so this diabolical plot was prevented. The one man (Manssor Arbabsiar , a naturalized US citizen) caused $1.5 million fee to be wired, not to Arbabsair, but instead to the undercover DEA agent. How convenient! Yea for American law enforcement.

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It should be no surprise that Iran claims that this was a set up in order to impose greater sanctions on Iran, since greater sanctions were imposed before any real investigation of this event occurred. But it will not matter, because a great propaganda victory has been achieved. Iran has been demonized, so when the coming attack happens, American's will now be comfortable that Iran had it coming. Damn Iranian terrorists.

Of course, over the next few months the story will unravel, but those few people who get their “news' from the Fawning Corporate Media, will learn nothing as the case falls apart. The seed has been planted, Iran is bad. (To follow the unravel or prove to yourself that it was a real threat, go to and Consortium News, trust me they will cover it in detail)

Ray McGovern, Gareth Porter, Eric Margolis and others, have demonstrated over and over again that Iran is not making a nuclear weapon, based on the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) . George W Bush himself complained in his book that the could hardly attack Iran (as Cheney wished) when our own intelligent agencies had concluded that they are not in the process of making a nuclear weapon. But the claim that Iran is a nuclear threat (or someday might be), in the face of 300+ Israeli nuclear weapons and God-only-knows how many US Nukes pointed at Iran; has been made often enough.

Iran has far more ability to damage the United States than either Iraq or Afghanistan, and those wars been successful only at bankrupting our country. What happens when Iran closes the Strait of Hormuz? What happens when Iran actually does support real terrorist attacks on “the homeland”.

I fully expect the allegations against Iran to unravel over the next few weeks/months. Even the experts on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, etc (Fawning Corporate Media) appear perplexed, and have openly stated that this type of terrorist attack makes no sense. Of course Ahmadinejad has been demonized to the point that maybe American's can believe he is capable of making a mad-man decision, perfectly timed to provoke an attack on his own country, and potentially nuclear attack at that. Nuts all right, except this plot is implausible and ridiculous.

There are many articles available pointing the the fact that all but two of the claimed “homeland” “terrorist” attacks have been instigated by the FBI (here and here). This one was clearly facilitated by someone.

America must reject war on Iran. This alleged terrorist plot appears ludicrous, but even if true hardly justifies the cost on another unwinnable war/occupation in the Middle East.