There is a general concept among the liberal media in this country that the  surrendering of  nearly all the civil liberties to the Big Father in Washington happened so fast because our society is paralyzed by fear.  The horrible attack on 9/11 resulting in mass casualties in the middle of the most powerful country in the world destroyed the American sense of omnipotence and unlimited safety, created a vacuum in the heads and hearts of the electorate and  initiated the wave of irrational feelings, which brought  us to the  authoritarian plutocracy.

 Considering this premise it would be only prudent to reveal the possible consequences of these actions, so that, hopefully, the real fear of those will replace the currently ruling fear of   illusion.

 1.        What will happen on the foreign theater.

 Starting from the year 2001 our country does not have a foreign policy. Instead we  proclaimed  a childish, “hurt giant” approach and  are engaged in throwing  toys and stones at other children in the sandbox and beyond.  Our presence on the foreign soil is predominantly military with the big business in the wake. Our “war on terrorism” cannot be won due to the simple truth that terrorism as a separate entity does not exist. Terrorists were, are and always will be  the tools of the  bigger fish, namely  corrupt governments, money sharks and political goons.   We are not even dreaming of hurting any of those. Thus we are engaged in perpetual roaming around the world with destructive force funded by the hysterical American taxpayer.  We introduced ourselves as another threat to the  peace and prosperity of the Humanity, even more dangerous because  of our weapons of mass destruction. 

The UN is dead.  It is only a matter of time before one or several European states will leave it. Most likely those will be Germany and France who will form a new alliance, urging the European Union to develop its own military might in the anticipation of the  direct confrontation with us. Britain will oust Tony Blair and the new government will start seeking cooperation with France and Germany.  They will be supported by Canada and Australia, also by  Serbia. The united European forces will  first and foremost take over all the  functions our military now is performing in Europe under the premise that the Europeans are not technically at war  with “terrorists” , thus local officials do not have to worry about security for their troops and civilians alike. Our European bases will be liquidated or isolated, so that  the terrorists, if they wanted to would be  quite comfortable  with the targets. The same thing will happen in  Japan. Our new treacherous friend Russia will suck from us as much as possible until  it sucks us dry after which we one day will find ourselves openly confronted by the powerful  revived Soviet Empire.

Our businesses abroad will find themselves at a huge disadvantage.  Citing the excess costs of the special security measures for our enterprises and employees the local governments will ask for the higher commissions, fees and bribes. They also will  insist on our people being isolated from the local populace, thus  protecting  their own people from the possible attacks.  Our companies will have to hire their own security personnel. As the locals will not be reliable,  these personnel will have to be imported from the US. Besides their high cost those people will become targets themselves.  This will result in the gradual decay of  American business abroad, layoffs and  turmoil,  and will also directly affect the consumer prices in the US. The US companies’ stocks will plummet permanently.  At the same time the non-American companies, especially Asian, will be most welcome and  their competitive edge will  increase throughout the world.

Americans abroad,  such as private citizens, tourists, advisers, missionaries, volunteers and students will be the first casualties of this process. As the military can isolate  themselves  at least for a while, it is impossible for the private citizen.  This will result in  the general tendency  on behalf of the foreign governments  to restrict  and  gradually  minimize  the presence of the American civilians on their soil.  As we officially proclaimed all our people to be targets,  those people endanger the locals around them. There will be a cascade effect of rising fees and/or denying services to our citizens. It will start first in the small, private – operated  B&B hotels and will spread  like a fire through all the entertainment and transportation industries.  It will be only a  matter of time before our young students will be denied invitations to the European universities, the airline companies will refuse the Americans to fly,  the galleries and theaters will cancel contracts and the tourist companies will  become increasingly vague with the  American groups. Our  people  abroad will have to be registered  and their movement will be severely regulated.  The international travel companies will push for the total exemption of their legal responsibilities  when it comes to the  travelers with our passport.  

Pure American entertainment abroad, such as Disney-France will lose millions because  of the lack of  attendance. All of this will create a resentment on the part of our citizens and they will curb their travel  following the recommendations of the State Department. The US dollar will go down  as well as US exports and this will be the second big blow to the US economy.

Our officially proclaimed  global spying  mechanism will result in severing the Internet contacts. As spying on the Internet cannot be confined to the US soil, the citizens of other countries will request from their governments to protect them from our prying. This will result  in  disconnecting us from the World Internet system.  As another precautionary measure the World Net system will adopt French and German languages as the primary ones, thus effectively isolating us culturally.

Our people throughout the world will become pariahs, targets  for resentment, a global  nuisance. They will be treated very similarly to the way the  Soviets were treated  during the Cold War.

 2.        What will happen internally. 

The effect of our  failure on the foreign theater will   be felt  by all the  branches of our economy primarily through the rise of retail prices and  massive layoffs.  As there will be less and less leverage to contradict this effect, the government will rely on the artificial measures such as subsidizing, increasing the deficit and political repressions. We will become more and more  hysterical.  The purchase of  foreign goods will be declared unpatriotic. Japanese cars will not be  serviced at "patriotic"  gas stations.. Small  ethnic  businesses, such as restaurants, dry- cleaners, oriental stores, etc, will go out of business. As those will not be replaced,  women of the country will be urged to go back to the kitchens. Layoffs will become more and more  gender- and racially biased. The   level of life will continue to spiral down while officially we will  achieve victory after victory. Elections will be postponed  indefinitely. The only growing industry will be the military complex. We will complete the missile shield and by that time we will realize that it can not protect us.  Anotherenormous  entity will be the  Homeland Security agency, which by that  time will absorb nearly all other agencies. The  President will assume the  Director’s responsibilities and all the members of the Cabinet will become hisdeputies. The  Chairs of the biggest private corporations will form a Supreme Soviet.  Federal Grand Jury will be dismissed.

  There will be several crashes on the Wall St. until one day it will become  a secret entity and its activities will no more be a public knowledge.  Stocks will stop trading and  the economy will go belly–up.  Free enterprise will disappear. This will be called a victory of the  Law and Order.  Politically we will be at War.  The Bill of Rights will be suspended. ACLU will close. The NRA will become a part of the Homeland Security. Citizens will be encouraged to actively  uproot all the dissent. Posses will be organized in all communities to hunt down  potential terrorists, unpatriotic thinkers, dissenters, pro-choice activists, professors of the universities,  feminists,  whatever. Foreigners will  leave our country and never return. So will the migrant workers. The American Church of  God will be established, with  the President as a defender of the Faith.  Other religions will be prohibited and all the loyal citizens will be told to join the new Church under the premise that  United we stand.         

To survive in such situation  is a  full- time job, not even to mention  protecting your family.  Thus  the average American will stop working.  There will be a lot of activity and noise, but no  meaningful results. This will bring shortages in everything except guns.   The environment will become worse, diseases will spread, medical attention will cease to exist. AIDS will be everywhere, but it will be forbidden to mention. We will  occupy the first place  in the infant mortality and number of prisons. There will be several major industrial disasters after which our Space Program will stop. NASA will join the Homeland Security. Taxes will rise exponentially, while being collected automatically.

Several industries and professions will die. Among them journalism, law, medical, creative writing, financial planning, travel  agencies,  liberal sciences, history studies,  local sheriffs, all occupations associated with the civil liberties and environment. EPA will join the Homeland Security. Our people will be officially proclaimed the freest and the happiest in the world. That will coincide with starting the war with Canada and Mexico.  Borders will be closed.

  Banks will be only for money storage and will earn no interest. The Black market will flourish with drugs, booze and eventually with food.  Young people will  roam with no purpose or join posses. Our infrastructure will rot because we will spend so much time on security that there will be nothing left for simple maintenance.  People will stop moving around the country and car dealerships will close. Gas prices will soar, so will utility bills. There will  only be debit cards because no-one will have credit.  Homelessness will be prohibited as well as unemployment. Those discharged from jobs will have to register with the Homeland Security as potential terrorists and accept work for minimal pay at  the service of the military. Computers will  be in every house, not as tools, but as surveillance devices registering our activities.  Children in schools will have to report on their parents. The universities will  be called Patriotic Schools and  will teach only technical disciplines in a classified environment. Due to the lack of scientific cooperation with the outside world our technology levels will drop. Strict screening  screening for political loyalty  will result in  the prevalence of morons and idiots in all branches of the System whenever there could be perks. This will result in low quality of our hardware, military blunders, corruption, loss of life and total failure in that  exact security which it is all about.

Eventually the "United States" will disintegrate. There will be a Southern Confederacy, a Northeast Alliance, a Republic of California and the Wild West with the capital in Chicago.  The only reasonable life by that time will be in  the former Indian reservations because the remaining  sane Americans will live there.

   Grotesque as it may seem all of the above is not inevitable. Nobody wants it to happen to our lovely country, which we all love and cherish. But it  is very probable, plausible and real.  This is what we should be afraid of if we think a  little about  what is happening now.

Suggested books on the topic of this article: G. Orwell's "1984",  " Animal Farm", Zamiatin's "We", Hucksley's " Brave new World", Bertold > Brecht's " Fear and Desperation of the Third Empire", Hans Fallada's "  Everyone Dies Alone", Henrich Buell's " Through the Eyes of a Clown,"  Howard Zinn's " People's History of the US". The crown jewel would be " The Gulag Archipelago", by  Solszhenitzyn.

Mark Sashine is an engineer and an aspiring writer.  This article is copyright by Mark Sashine,  originally published by Permission is granted to forward this or to place it on a website as long as the article is included intact, including this statement.