May 22, 2023 Grassroots Election Protection Coalition

Hour 1: North Carolina On The Brink

We are joined in GREEP #138 by the young new leadership of the North Carolina Democratic Party.

ANDERSON CLAYTON, age 25, is a grassroots organizer from rural NC who is now the chair of the state’s Democratic Party

Her First Vice Chair is JONAH GARCON, an energetic young attorney with a long history in grassroots organizing.

They’re joined by ANDREA MILLER of the Center for Common Ground; RAY MCCLENDON of the Georgia NAACP; ROBERT WILSON, former NC Assistant Secretary of State;

legendary Charlotte-based organizer JOEL SEGAL; PR specialist ILENE PROCTOR and many more.

The challenge of moving North Carolina to real democracy ;remains at the core of saving America as a whole. 

 Our gathering seriously moves us ahead in that direction.

Hour 2: The Legendary Steven Donzinger Fights For Our Freedom

We are joined at the GREE-GREE zoom #138 part 2 by STEVE DONZIGER, whose fights for the Amazon & legal rights in America are unprecedented.

He explains the incredible struggle against Chevron and against a legal system hideously rigged against him.

With WENDI LEDERMAN, VINNIE DESTEFANO and many others we also explore the horrendous persecution of JULIAN ASSANGE.

WENDI also explains the latest terrifying developments in the conversion of Florida into outright fascist state.

Our lives and freedoms are on the line in America as never before.  

We must use these gatherings as a non-partisan tool to figure out how to survive.