BANGKOK, Thailand -- Naked foreign tourists publicly cavorting at
Southeast Asia's UNESCO World Heritage sites and elsewhere are
angering local governments, resulting in at least 10 arrests this year
amid concern that exhibitionism at exotic destinations may be a new

The nudity also purportedly sparked an international spoof tricking
much of the world's media.

Several days ago, Canadian Emil Kaminski created a satirical,
expletive-filled video -- that he now claims tricked the Washington
Post, Canadian and British media -- in which he mocked death threats
he received for convincing nine foreign tourists to strip off their
clothes on Malaysia's Mount Kinabalu.

Imitating the successful format of Comedy Central's Daily Show hosts
John Stewart and John Oliver, 33-year-old Mr. Kaminski created the
caustic YouTube video falsely describing himself as joining nine
people who actually did strip and frolic on Mount Kinabalu, a UNESCO
World Heritage site.

In that first video, Mr. Kaminski also attacked Malaysia's Tourism
Minister for Sabah state, Masidi Manjun, who reportedly said their
nudity may have caused a 5.9 earthquake on June 5 that killed 18
people on the mountain.

"That Masidi Manjun say something that fucking stupid, you
really need to have lobotomized yourself on a piece of heavy
machinery," Mr. Kaminski said in his first video.

"I mean, how the fuck do you get to be in a government if you're that
fucking dumb and you don't know anything about plate tectonics and
geology and seismology? Have you even heard these fucking words?" Mr.
Kaminski said.

"I never said that they actually caused the earthquake, but their
actions were against the people of the largest tribe in Sabah," Mr.
Manjun told reporters in response.

"The mountain is a revered and sacred site," Mr. Manjun said,
describing the peak on Malaysia's Borneo island.

Supporters said Mr. Kaminski's 12-minute video was hilarious, while
opponents described it as evidence that he does not respect foreign
countries or local cultures and should be executed.

In a calm, mocking tone -- similar in format to Comedy Central's John
Stewart and John Oliver -- Mr. Kaminski displayed and read aloud some
of the "thousands" of death threats he actually did receive on his
"Monkeetime TV Show" Facebook site, now viewed by more than 350,000

He later falsely Tweeted he was dodging the cops and eventually
pretended to be jailed in Malaysia, resulting in additional local and
international media coverage.

On June 12 however, the Canadian posted a second video, more than
seven minutes long, announcing he spoofed the world.

He described how, in real life, 10 foreign tourists did take off their
clothes on Mount Kinabalu on June 1, angering Malaysian authorities
who linked the nudity to the earthquake on June 5.

"Having read that article, I got flared up big time" about how
Malaysian officials were "incredibly stupid," Mr. Kaminski said in his
June 12 video.

So he "posted this little thing," he said, showing his Facebook page
with Mr. Manjun's picture, a brief insult about the minister's
stupidity, and three photos of Mr. Kaminski standing naked on three
different mountain peaks, exposing his buttocks.

"I wasn't even in Malaysia at the time.  I did not claim to be in
Malaysia at the time.  My last visit to Malaysia was on May 2,
transiting through Kuala Lumpur airport," in the capital, he said in
his new video.

"Why these photos?  Because they're just fun. They're exuberant. It's
just people enjoying the outdoors."

Confused viewers in Malaysia assumed Mr. Kaminski was one of 10
foreign tourists who stripped while on the mountain, and hammered his
Facebook page with actual death threats.

So he increased his spoof by posting a random photo of a cheap hotel
in a small Malaysian town where he claimed he was hiding from police.

On June 10, he sent out a "spoof tweet" about being arrested:

"Solitary confinement = no sex, but on the upside, excellent Wi-Fi in my cell."

In his June 12 confessional video, he described how "the story started
spilling into North America and I found it astonishing that not even
the smallest amount of journalistic inquiry was conducted, and
Washington Post just regurgitated Facebook hearsay.

"But the Post wasn't the only one.  [Britain's] The Daily Telegraph,
the New Straits Times [of Singapore] and Malay Mail pretty much made a
specialty of gathering information from random known sources.

"But particularly strange were the reports that I had been arrested"
in Malaysia.

"I did not get arrested."

Mr. Kaminski is no stranger to cross-cultural mayhem.

The Canadian has blasted Hinduism, Christianity and other religions,
and tweeted in January:

"We are free to burn the Koran or any other book as much as we are
free to read any book.  Fuck you for disagreeing."

Malaysian police did arrest and detain four people who allegedly posed
in photos on Mount Kinabalu.

The four arrests reportedly included Eleanor Hawkins, 24, from
England, a 23-year-old Dutch man, Dylan Snel, and Canadians Lindsey
Peterson, 23, and his sister Danielle, 22.

Police were hunting their five other friends.

"She knows what she did was stupid and disrespectful and is very sorry
for the offence that she has caused the Malaysian people," Ms.
Hawkins's father said.

"She has never been in any sort of trouble before," the statement by
Timothy Hawkins said, Britain's Telegraph newspaper reported on June

All four were charged with indecent exposure, which carries a maximum
punishment of three months imprisonment plus a fine.

Other countries in the region are also grappling with tourists' nude
torsos and pixels of their flesh -- but have not yet been spoofed.

Public nudity by "bareback-packers" is also being linked to debates
about xenophobia, freedom of expression, secularism versus religion,
respect for other cultures, and uncouth foreigners disgracing
themselves while on holiday.

Here in Thailand, a 17-year-old Chinese woman from Hong Kong stripped
naked and bungee jumped near the northern city of Chiang Mai on May 6.

Her video went viral online after she departed Thailand, and the local
bungee operator had to pay a small fine.

Cambodia kicked out 11 tourists this year who exposed themselves in
separate incidents amid the sprawling ruins of Angkor Wat's Hindu
temples and elsewhere.

They include a 22-year-old woman from Finland and an Italian man, 30,
who were arrested and expelled in January for motorcycling while
completely nude in Cambodia's Kandal province on a road toward
Vietnam, police said.  A Scottish woman with them was also expelled.

At the Angkor Wat complex, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Cambodia's
Siem Reap, "exposure of sexual organs" was the reason cited for
deporting three Frenchmen also in January.

In February, American sisters Lindsey and Leslie Adams of Arizona were
fined $310 and expelled after displaying their breasts at the Angkor
Wat complex's Preah Khan temple.

Angkor Wat and its nearby temples and shrines were constructed between
the 9th and 15th centuries and include countless stone depictions of
topless "apsara" angelic females adorning stone walls.

Two men from Argentina and Italy, along with a woman from Holland,
were fined about $225 each and deported in May for photographing their
buttocks at Angkor Wat.

More bizarrely, a YouTube video showing a naked blonde man shooting a
rocket launcher -- assisted by local men in camouflage while other
foreigners watched -- appeared online earlier this year, described
simply as a "naked rocket launcher" from New Zealand in Cambodia.