1. Four (4) Large all-weather / cold weather tents in 10'x10' configurations or larger for kitchen / medical / storage centers.
2. Smaller 2-4 person tents all-weather / cold weather excursion style if possible.
3. Electrical generators.
4. 15 gallon storage tubs.
5. Gloves, hats, winter jackets.
6. Coleman stoves / lanterns
7. Heavy Duty outdoor / all-weather extension cords
8. Tent-appropriate space heaters
9. Five-dollar fuel cards for volunteer shuttling so that people staying overnight don't have to pay for parking.
10. One or two basic laptops for communication and the facilitation of a live feed of the Occupation.
11. Anyone interested in helping us get non-contract 4G temporary wi-fi hot spot modules through Clear

Anyone who would like to contribute one or more of these items should contact me at emilyjourney@gmail.com or 614-551-6867. I will make arrangements for pick-up. General information about Occupy Columbus can be found at Occupy Columbus