Occupy Columbus unanimous in support of union fight to repeal SB5
The Occupy Columbus General Assembly has voted unanimous support to the union fight to repeal SB5. This is the first specific issue the local group has formally endorsed. Occupy Columbus met for its weekly General Assembly at Bicentennial Park Amphitheater last night (October 18).

Other issues of concern but not yet formally adopted by the group include publicly funded elections, over-reaching corporate influence in politics, home foreclosures, extraordinary debt incurred by college students, and protecting social safety programs like Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, and programs for women, children, the elderly and the poor.

The group also authorized their legal team to continue talks with City officials to obtain a site for their occupation camp. So far the City has stonewalled requests. A request to City Council to intervene on the group’s behalf was denied on Monday night.

Protestors remain undaunted and say the occupation will continue at the State House for now but could soon move to some yet undecided upon location and hold its ground. Other actions are planned for the days ahead. On October 24 at 5pm protestors will Occupy the Oval at OSU.

The movement continues to gain momentum around the state, country and globe. Occupy Cincinnati, Dayton, Cleveland, Toledo and other locations are digging in despite the onset of colder weather and resistance from city officials. The first national convention for the Occupation Movement is tentatively scheduled for July 4, 2012 in Philadelphia.