Protecting Our Elections & Our Vote Count

We devote the first hour of the GREE-GREE zoom gathering #116 with the great DAVID HOGG and a deep dive into two issues at the core of American politics: gun violence and youth turnout.

Now a senior at Harvard University, Hogg has become a national icon in the movement to lower the death toll from guns and motivate the youth vote.

David’s work, in tandem with JOHN ROSENTHAL, has significantly changed views of gun registration and control in Massachusetts and elsewhere.

Hogg and Rosenthal have helped pioneer the AMERICA CALLING organization which aims to vastly expand the turnout among young voters.

Rosenthal’s efforts, in conjunction with Hogg, have tangibly lowered the gun violence death rate in Massachusetts, and could do the same nationwide, saving more than 26,000 lives.

These two grea activists are already legends in making real change in American politics.  

Rooted in the younger generations now taking control of the electorate, while simultaneously working to end gun violence, they are not to be missed.
Part 1:

For part 2 of our GREE-GREE zoom gathering focusses on the desperate need to protect the right to vote and to guarantee reliable, trackable ballot counts.

We open with the legendary JOHN BRAKEY, whose work in Arizona has made a huge difference in protecting the vote count from election destroyers like the Cyber-Ninjas and their ilk.

LYNN BERNSTEIN from North Carolina warns us of police action against those who dare to make public records requests or set foot in election board parking lots.

DAN WOLF introduces his vital new AMERICA COUNTS software for recording and archiving poll tapes.

EMILY LEVY updates us on her great work with the SCRUTINEERS.

RAY LUTZ takes us forward with the latest work from his vitally important CITIZENS OVERSIGHT organization.    

Among those adding to the dialogue are ERIC LAZARUS, CONNIE KLEIN, MIMI S., WENDI LEDERMAN, STEVE CARUSO and many others.

With our democracy on the line, this vital discussion is not to be missed.
Part 2: