Why hasn’t the media given the present activities to get a vote recount in Ohio and Florida legs (

Did you realize that the Election 2004 in Ohio and Florida has been seen to be Fraudulent and activities are being conducted to get a recount and investigation of these elections?

On December 5, 2004 one of at least five Hearings/Forums, Chaired by Congressman Conyers of California were held on the Fraudulent Elations in the US in 2004. Attending to provide testimony and support were Congresspersons, People For The American Way, Voting Rights Project Lawyers, Committee For Civil Rights, The Feminist Majority, Free Press, American Associates, National Voting Institute, Our American Radio, Community Activist, NAACP, SCLC, PUSH, etc. Attorneys who had filed suits in Ohio Supreme Court, Students for white universities Mathematicians, etc ( Liz Foreman, AP, reports in part, “A State recount of the presidential vote appears inevitable after a pair of third-party candidates said they have collected enough money to pay for it . . . Libertarian Michael Badnank and the Green Party’s David Cobb said on Monday they raised more than $150,000.0 in four days in small contributions, . .”!!

In addition, there were about 50 to 600 thousands people demonstrating against the fraud in Election during the last few weeks. Here are a few issues provided in these Hearings;

*A white male Student and President of the student body of a university in Ohio reported that they had 1300 student in line to vote and had only two machines one of which was broken beyond repair and the other was down for at least four hours. He said that a Reporter from a major News Show was there to interview the students but in stead of reporting the agony and unfairness of the voting process they reported that there was dedication and fun being had as the students stood all day to vote. They neglected to say that the students were angry and some got sick from waiting so long, while other gave up to attend classes. The county would not come to fix the voting machines. They said that they had no spare parts. Although the county next to the school had one machine working for every ten voters and ten in reserve there was only one machine for 1300 students and only one broken machine in reserve, The TV News did not report the fact that the university was 90% registered Democrats and the next county was over 90% Republican.

*The mathematician/statistician reported that the over votes in counties where the Democrats were registered nearly two to one against Republicans, the over votes made the total 5 to 10 percent higher sum of the total registered voters and these counties went for Bush. In other words Bush won by more votes than could possibly be counted in that county!

*The NAACP reported that Black voters had received letters telling them that the election would be held on two days, the Republicans would be voting on Tuesday November 2 and the Democrats would be voting on Thursday November fourth. These voters showed up on Thursday November fourth to vote.

*A women’s group reported that Blacks received instructions that they should be sure that all their tickets and other fines were paid because they would be checked when they came to vote and placed in jail for outstanding law infractions.

*There was a case reported where the Black voters had machines, which had “Floating Candidates.” In other words when voting on the “Touch Screen Machines” when you touched Kerry the screen would change to Bush before you could mover your finger, When a voter complained they were told that they did not know what they were doing and there was no remedy.

*There were reports that some machines had about 10,000 votes already recorded for Bush even before the voting started.

*David Cobb, the unsuccessful Green Party presidential candidate, aired startling allegations at the Democratic House Judiciary Committee Columbus hearings Monday, alleging that a voting company representative tampered with voting equipment in a (unspecified) county last Friday and attempted to plant false information into the Ohio recount.

The word on the www is that this recount activity is classified as a problem for “National Security” and therefore, subject to media control required in times of war!

****This recount movement will not be provided the visibility given the Civil Rights Movement of Dr. King. It is the responsibility of Bloggers, Free Press, Web Sites and Organizations Publications to keep the public informed about these activities. It is an IMPRETIVE!!! *****