The Voters First campaign scored another victory against Issue 2 opponents’ ongoing effort to mislead and confuse voters. Today the Ohio Elections Commission found probable cause that the Ohio Republican Party was purposely lying voters about state Issue 2 in a recent campaign mail piece.

The Ohio Elections Commission unanimously found probable cause and the Commission will conduct a full hearing on October 4th.

Issue 2 supporters accused reform opponents of continuing their ongoing campaign to intentionally misrepresent Issue 2 to voters with false statements. The Elections Commission found probable cause to hold a hearing on the first statement, “Some of the members will be chosen in secret.” The Ohio Republican Party has also agreed to discontinue their use of the second false statement, “They’ll have a blank check to spend our money.”

“We are encouraged by the commission’s ruling today,” said Catherine Turcer, chair of the Voters First campaign. “It is no surprise that these opponents of reform will stop at nothing to mislead voters and protect their own power. The politicians and lobbyists have controlled the system for too long. If you’ve had enough of politicians looking out for themselves and their friends instead of the voters, vote YES on Issue 2.”

Issue 2 would change Ohio’s method of drawing legislative and congressional districts by no longer allowing politicians to draw their own district boundaries.