Today, as we celebrate the 39th anniversary of Roe v. Wade which legalized abortion in America, Ohio is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. We are at the center of the battle over whether abortion will remain legal for the next generation.

Senate President Niehaus announced this week that he would resume hearings on the so-called “heartbeat” bill. This is an extreme bill that would outlaw abortion before many women know they are pregnant. There are no exceptions for rape and incest survivors.

Write to Senate President Niehaus TODAY and tell him to defeat the so-called “heartbeat” bill.

Supporters of this bill have turned the Ohio statehouse into a circus, hiding their efforts to outlaw abortion behind cutesy slogans and theatrics. But make no mistake about it, if enacted, their legislation would endanger the health and lives of thousands of women every year. We need your help to stop them.

Women’s access to abortion is under attack like never before. From 2002 – 2010, three anti-choice measures were enacted in Ohio. In sharp contrast, Gov. Kasich and his anti-choice cronies enacted four dangerous anti-choice bills in just the last six months!

Write to Senate President Niehaus and tell him to stop the war on women TODAY!

During hearings on the so-called “heartbeat” bill, doctors testified that new anti-choice laws passed in 2011 had already forced their colleagues to leave Ohio. If this bill passes, even more qualified doctors will be forced to stop providing vital care to the women of our state.

If OB/GYNs leave Ohio, where will women turn for prenatal care, cancer screenings, family planning, and abortion care? We must stand up and protect women’s health now, before it is too late. We must protect Roe v. Wade for our sisters, our daughters and granddaughters.

Please take action TODAY to protect Roe and make sure Senate President Niehaus knows that you are opposed Sub. H.B. 125!

Yours in Choice,
Kellie Copeland
NARAL Executive Director