NRC nor EH care to address pesky questions from the public

Most members of the legislature should be well acquainted with the HB 6 fiasco that ultimately led to a 20-year prison sentence for former Speaker of the Ohio House Larry Householder. At the center of the scandal was the supposed need for a $1 billion, publicly-funded bailout for two nuclear reactors, Davis-Besse outside of Toledo and Perry, northeast of Cleveland. To further the scam, FirstEnergy, the owner of the reactors at the time, placed them in bankruptcy in March 2018. 

In six short years, however, the two nuclear reactors have gone from being bankrupt and needing a billion-dollar bailout to Perry operating so well its current owner, Energy Harbor (EH), has asked the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to extend its operating license for another 20 years. But as can be seen in the linked article, neither the NRC nor EH care to address pesky questions from the public such as is the energy from the Perry nuclear plant even needed in the first place? 

Federal agency, Energy Harbor seek to keep citizen groups out of Perry nuclear plant case.

This question stems from a report written by the regional transmission organization, PJM Interconnection, in June 2019, at the height of the Perry bankruptcy, that said the power wasn't needed then and according to the petition to intervene mentioned in the above article, the power from the Perry Nuclear Plant isn't needed now.

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