1. Legislation has been introduced in Ohio legislature to require a voter verified paper trail, and Ohio voters need to be rallied to support it.  Contact your State legislators and ask them to support House Bill #358 and Senate Bill #167, and ask your friends to do the same.

2. We have only two weeks of the Congressional recess remaining, and we want as many Congresspersons and Senators as possible to be asked, in person, to support the bills (H.R.2239 and S.1980). You can help in two ways:

a) Contact the offices of the U.S. Representatives and Senators for your state. Ask if they have local "town meetings" scheduled before Congress reconvenes. You can find their names by going here and selecting your state: verifiedvoting.org/states.asp Then send us an email at pass2239@verifiedvoting.org and let us know what you find out.

b) If possible, attend one or more of any meetings held by your federal legislators. Take your friends.  Ask if the Representative will co-sponsor H.R.2239, or if the Senator will co-sponsor S.1980. Then send us an email telling us about the experience.

For more details about this project and resources you can take to the meetings, go here: www.verifiedvoting.org/resources/town_meeting_resources.asp

Thanks for your help to ensure the integrity of our elections.

Bob Kibrick and Ellen Theisen Volunteers