Our GREE-GREE #149 starts by commemorating the dual 9/11 catastrophes of 2001’s exploding World Trade Centers and the 1973 CIA murder of Salvador Allende, the duly elected Socialist leader of Chile.  [Robert Reich’s superb piece on this horrible coup is not to be missed].  The combination of these two world-changing crimes marks us with a dual tragedy we still struggle to overcome.

With the great NORM STOCKWELL of we go down the rabbit hole of the Wisconsin GOP’s latest assault on the state supreme court.  Long-time Wisconsin pol CHUCK CHVALA deepens our understanding of this insane situation, while STEVE CARUSO fills us in on the parallel madness in Ohio.

Legendary radio talk host DENNIS BERNSTEIN of KPFA’s Flashpoints Show adds his usual brilliance to the electoral mix.

Then LUCY HOCHSCHARTNER of Maine’s Pine Tree Alliance explains that state’s grassroots Montana movement to take over its two much-hated private utilities and create the nation’s first totally statewide public owned electric company.

RAY MCCLENDON of Georgia chimes in with his powerful perspective on grassroots organizing.  

MYLA RESON and LYNN FEINERMAN add their support to the idea of post-nuclear public power.

AARON “GOOD TROUBLE” WAZLAVEK of the Teamsters gives us a much-needed view from organized labor at a time of great push and progress.

At the top of the hour we’re honored by the legendary RABBI ART WASKOW, the incredibly articulate spiritual Godfather to a generation of religion-based activists fighting for peace, social justice and environmental survival.  

Solar pioneer RON LEONARD contributes his own deep insider understanding of the Solartopian transition we so desperately need to survive.

JUSTIN LEBLANC and JOHN STEINER contribute to the electric atmosphere.  So does the great author/attorney MAYA VAN ROSSUM, with her riveting account of the recent landmark victory by young climate activists in Montana aimed at saving the Earth.

TATANKA BRICCA, WENDI LEDERMAN and others flow into a truly warm, embracing and enlightening dialog that stretches well into a third hour.

Don’t miss this wonderful, uplifting, fun and lovingly comfortable landmark conversation.