And Aims to Rule the World?

Stakeholder Capitalism -Source:    Reprint with permission of author

Who’s in Charge Here?

Certainly not the ‘Commander-in-Chief’, whether he’s a doddering old pedophile in terminal decline, or a narcissistic comb-overed con man and convicted felon.

And, certainly not ‘We The People’, the psyoped and indoctrinated masses.

Thus, the obvious and legitimate question arises, “Who’s really calling the shots – both kinetic and pharmaceutical.  Who’s really running these dis-United States?

Chief Suspects

A) A global minority ruling class with Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum (WEF) its most familiar public face?

(B) A Zionist network of lobbyists, Israeli intelligence agents and investment bankers, the public faces of which are AIPAC, ADL and the Mossad. Plus Israeli military and intelligence contractors like Elbit Systems and Magal Security Systems.

(C) Bernays’ ‘invisible government?  As in, “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government, which is the true ruling power of our country.” - Edward Bernays, the father of public relations

(D) A transnational banking and finance elite epitomized by Blackrock and Vanguard.

(E) An international alliance of  IT, military, intelligence, and security agencies.

(F)  A Big Pharma, billionaire philanthropist cartel with Bill Gates as its poster-child and the World Health Organization (WHO) as its spear tip, handmaiden and enforcer.

(G) A globalist network of secret societies of blood-drinking, baby-eating, Lucifer-worshiping Satanists dedicated to total world control.

(H) An alien race secretly hiding inside the hollow earth.

(I) Agents of competing extra-terrestrial, galactic civilizations.

(J) Maybe some or all of the above.

But Occam's razor of ‘simplest explanation is most likely true’ would favor Suspect A, an oligarch elete.

Technocracy, G3P and The Rise of Global Public-Private Partnerships

A growing number of analysts converge on this view, including: Iain Davis, David Hughes, Emanuel Pastreich, Murray Rothbard, and Robert Malone.

Emanuel Pastreich, writing on Global Research, calls it, “the unlimited class warfare of the billionaires against all of humanity.”

David Hughes, in his book,  “Covid-19,”PsychologicalOperations,and the War for Technocracy puts it this way,

“An undeclared global class war was initiated in 2020, whose aim is the controlled demolition of liberal democracy and the institution of global technocracy—a novel, biodigital form of totalitarianism that threatens to lead to the irreversible enslavement of humanity. World War III looks nothing like its two predecessors and is waged by the transnational deep state against populations using the novel methods of Omniwar, i.e. war waged in every domain, but clandestinely, so that the public does not recognise it as such. The opening campaign of World War III involved the largest psychological warfare operation in history, which I call the “‘Covid-19’ operation.” This was intended to demoralise, disorientate, and debilitate the public, thus weakening its resistance to the intended transition to technocracy. Historically, psychological warfare has served as the prelude to physical war, raising the alarm concerning what is to come.”

Robert Malone summarizes the picture like this in a recent article,

“Since WW II and accelerating during the latter decades of the 20th century, a trend toward the emergence of financially powerful transnational organizations that are functionally independent of nation-states developed. Examples include quasi-governmental global organizations such as the United Nations (UN), World Health Organization (WHO), International Monetary Foundation (IMF), Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and World Trade Organization (WTO); non-governmental “philanthropic” organizations such as the Gates Foundation and Wellcome Trust; “national” banks tied together into a functional cooperative by the Bank of International Settlements; massive global “investment funds” which dwarf the financial resources of most nation-states including Blackrock, State Street, Vanguard, Bank of America and their kin; and a variety of globalist-oriented cabals and corporatist trade organizations such as the Club of Rome, the Atlantic Council, the Bilderberg Meeting group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies and of course the World Economic Forum.

“Fueled by a variety of global 21st-century financial, political, geophysical, and medical “crises,” these transnational think tanks and organizations, together with a handful of major globalized corporations that sponsor much of their activities, have formed alliances that exceed the power, influence and financial resources of most if not all nation-states. Any economics or political science student can attest that such a power imbalance cannot be sustained. We argue that the wide range of current efforts to advance and structure global governance organizations is the logical consequence of these imbalances. Since the most economically dominant of these various transnational entities are intrinsically corporatist, it is self-evident that the emerging global governance organizations are corporatist. “

This perspective casts the coming U.S. election in a wider circle of light.

James Heddle co-directs EON, the Ecological Options Network with Mary Beth Brangan, who contributed to this post.  The EON feature film documentary SOS – The San Onofre Syndrome: Nuclear Power’s Legacy, by filmmakers Brangan, Morgan Peterson and Heddle, was awarded the Grand Jury Award for Feature Documentary at last October’s Hollywood Awareness Film Festival.  SOS has also garnered the International Uranium Film Festival’s award for Best Educational Documentary as well as two Outstanding Excellence awards. SOS is now available for on-line streaming on many platforms, including Amazon Prime.  For links to view and more information about the issue, please visit the SOS Website.

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