Dear Senator Voinovich,

I've seen many situations similar to the one you now face regarding the John Bolton confirmation and your Republican Party. I myself once worked for the Republican National Committee, Sen. Connie Mack, and Rep. Porter Goss.

I want to applaud you for having the courage to speak out against Mr. Bolton and the confirmation process.

After this painful episode, you may decide that you no longer wish to be a Republican. If this is the case, I want you to know that the Libertarian Party of Ohio is here for you.

I know that you've probably heard many malicious rumors regarding the Libertarian Party, not unlike the same vicious rumors Republicans are now circulating about you. Many of us were Republicans until we got run over by the party machine and realized how evil it can be.

I know that you want to really reduce government taxes and spending and that you hold federalist principles dear. I'd be happy to speak with you on these issues. In the Libertarian Party, we value people who stick with their principles, even when we disagree.

In Liberty,
Robert Butler
Executive Director
Libertarian Party of Ohio