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The Other Side Of The News With Dr. Robert Fitrakis & Dan Dougan As broadcasted LIVE in Columbus Ohio! on WGRN 94.1fm Fridays at 5:30pm! and re-broadcasted Mondays at 4:30pm! on WCRS 92.7fm & 98.3fm! Dr. Bob and Dan Dougan have a fantastic interview with lifetime activist; HARVEY WASSERMAN, and they give you their side of Ohio's Voting Machines, the Impeachment, and the Coronavirus... Wasserman asks that the our audiences watch th"Chernobyl" - read his work at Truthout about it; Every week, they'll give you informed and entertaining commentary from the heart of the Midwest's only truly independent, community-driven media source; The Free Press! Please support the Indy-Media Center of the Free Press Network; - The Free Press Available here: