Three cheers to activist Mary Beth Kuznik, and others, who recently filed suit against a Pennsylvania county (Westmorland) for violating Art. VII, Sec. 6 of the PA Constitution which "requires that the use of voting machines, or other mechanical devices for registering or recording and computing votes shall be used 'at the option of the electors of such county....'"

Since the BOE and Commissioners selected the voting system (ES&S iVotronic) without seeking the consent of the public, it appears the public has been damaged.

With California and North Carolina sending Diebold packing, this new lawsuit is another (hopefully successful) attack on these hackable voting systems, run by private for-profit corporations that refuse to reveal the source code, and that want us to simply trust their reported results. 

Citizen oversight is the price we pay for democracy, and Mary Beth Kuznik exemplifies citizen engagement.

Read the complaint