America’s beloved, desperately needed Pacifica Radio is at the brink of avoidable death.  It needs a miraculous but do-able progressive uprising to overcome the toxic, outmoded structure that’s killing the Network.  

In July, 2021, the Pacifica Voting Membership voted 6820-5471 to revise the Network’s failed old by-laws (FOB).  

But their legal team refused arbitration and pre-emptively sued, at financial costs they refuse to reveal…while demanding still more!!!  Individual “New Day” reformers have been threatened with personal liability.  

The result has been a horrific year of abject failure.  Rightfully elected board members, irreplaceable staff and many of the Network’s most popular hosts have been purged.  Basic operations have deteriorated into failed state chaos.  Phone lines have crashed, utility bills are unpaid, and Pacifica’s listenership has crashed along with its finances. 

Board meetings have devolved into destructive soul-killing dictatorships.  Reformers have been refused the right to speak.  Countless activist hours needed to fight for democracy and a green Earth have been squandered.

Now the National Board wants to fire-sale KPFK-Los Angeles’s beloved home office, where Pacifica’s priceless archives are stored.  But under the current by-laws, the money will go to lawyers and disappear, jeopardizing the archives and leaving the Network more broke than ever.  

Endless pleas for cash still hide what’s been wasted on structural dysfunction.  

Meanwhile crude personal attacks aimed at New Day reformers dodge the new by-laws that were approved by Pacifica’s membership to avoid precisely this crash-and-burn.   

The old by-laws have taken the progressive movement’s most vital media asset to the brink of death.  They spell doom for Pacifica…and the activist constituency that depends on it.

The entire progressive movement must at last rise up to terminate the wrongful lawsuit against the New Day by-laws. 

We need a reformed, truly democratic Pacifica to transcend the horrors of this past year’s lethal mismanagement … and re-ignite the Network’s absolutely vital fight against American fascism.  

We shall overcome!