Parts missing,follow the signs.
Chickens,turkeys and game hens
marinating in cheap wines.
Shake and bake or barbeque
let the party begin,
no talk of war,
more vodka more gin.

A man kills his wife
and chops her to pieces,
not equated with war,lies
or humanity breaches.
The religious right
clucks their tongues and snort,
no excuse for parts missing,
for coming up short.

Shop 'til you drop
a presidential order.
There's chaos and killing
don't look over your shoulder.
Hide the flag draped caskets,
concentrate on filling up shopping baskets.

Support the troops
'til death do we part.
Parts missing replaced
by a cold Purple Heart.
Give them stitches,titanium and gold.
Put them in moldy,rat infested barracks until their story is told.

Vet, soldier,brave marine
brought to lasting peace under cemetery green. Parts missing implied by
the limp,black plastic bag.
Hands outstretched to receive
a folded American Flag.