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The pathetic State of our World: Greed, Corruption and the Genocide by
Mazin Qumsiyeh
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The UN Security counsil will try to pass a resolution calling for a
ceasefire (really should be called a resolution to end the genocide) but
the US is expected to veto it (thus violating its own laws again as wel as
the genocide convention)

What is happening in Palestine now? I see some 300 videos every week that
break my heart. Here are some of the less graphic ones.
and some videos of Palestinain lives under occupation

American doctor reports on what he saw inGaza: not a war, it is annihilation

Funny how western governments forget that Jewish leaders of Israel were
Jewish terrorists

Palestinians in Gaza Do Have Somewhere to Go: Their Homes in What is Now

Gaza Nasser hopital has catastrophc situation

75% of Journalists killed in 2023 were killed in Gaza
While Israel killed 1.2% of the civilian  population of Gaza it killed >15%
of the Gaza journalists (silencing the truth)

U.S. citizens detained by Israel in West Bank, Gaza, families say
[ofcourse the US will not start a war liberate those kidnapped American
hostages or even care about them]

Likely regional conflict?

Prof. Ilan Pappe: It is dark before the dawn, but Israeli settler
colonialism is at an end

PetitionL Airdrop aid to Gaza

Israeli army gassed my son like Auschwitz , mother of slain Israeli soldier

Having ethnically cleansed the Rafah people from the Sinai (the Egyptian
Rafav). Egypt building a new concentration camp in Sinai for trhe
Palestinains to be ethnically cleansed by Israel

UAE, Jordan and Saudi Arabia quietly help Israel with supplies and allow
Gaza people to starve to death
Egypt also supplying food to Israel (not Gaza) and Egypt building wall to
create a ,mini concentration camp for people of Gaza in Sinai

Edward Said seems like a prophet: 20 years on, ‘there’s hunger for his

Lift your spirit: Jerusalema Dance Challenge from Palestine by Popular Art

The last American war: The U.S. supports Israel unconditionally because it
sees the entire Western project in the Middle East at risk today in Gaza.
While it may seem these our darkest days, it is also clear that the U.S.
and Israel are bound to fail.

Merchants of death tribunal

Parties to the genocide convention

We will talk about some of these things today (Sunday 7 PM)  in our
biweekly meeting online

Stay human
Mazin Qumsiyeh
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