Israel continues to deliberately target residential buildings, hospitals,
schools, bakeries, flour mills, water storage facilities and other public
facilities. But they will nget to pause occasionally over the next few days
- like a rapist agreeing reluctantly to take a break occasionally. 6000
children were killed in the pointed genocidal campaign to drive Gazans to
Sinai in order to steal the natural gas off the coast of Gaza. The western
governments are still partners in the genocide even if they occasionally
start to speak of "unacceptable level of civilian deaths" (sicking language
for an ongoing genocide). Israel killed over 102 UN workers and 65
journalists to prevent the truth from coming out (largest number of
Jouranalists murdered in any conflict since WWII). The two wars go on: A war
of ethnic cleansing and genocide which is used to vent and give Israeli
soldiers the psychological satisfaction of murdering civilians because they
are losing the other war against the resistance.

There is an exchange of prisoners (as many as 150 Palestinian women and
children will be released from Israeli gulags where they are mistreated) in
exchange for 50 Israeli settlers. This could have been done weeks ago. It
took lots of lobbying from families of the Israeli prisoners to pressure
the fascist government that really did not care about Palestinian or
Israeli lives (they even bombed and burned Israeli civilians on 7 October
see previous message with links and proof).  Also the genocidal regime was
resistant to having pauses in its genocide (let alone a ceasefire).
Now they will have pauses to reload and bomb more civilians. The US/Israel
war on people will continue (and it is a joint war and not just because of
the stream of US weapons- already Five US Delta forces soldiers were killed
in Gaza as well as perhaps 300 Israeli soldiers over 10 days of the grown
invasion). Over 10,000 Palestinian prisoners are still being tortured and
starved in Israeli jails and the ethnic cleansing and genocide continues.
But you cannot crush a people fighting for their freedom. Vietnam redux!

UN OCHA on day 45 of the aggression against the people of Gaza

The Zionists gathered their (white/European) forces for a rally in
Washington DC gathering as many as 40-50,000 but they had to pay people to
attend ($250 per head) and it was a hate rally calling for continuing the
genocide. Meanwhile millions are still rallying around the world. Those
latter rallies calling to end the genocide and for ceasefire now are always
mixed (Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindu and people of all religions,
ethnicity and national backgrounds).

The issue of genocide
funded by the US

Jeffrey Sachs at the UN Security Council on how wars can be ended

Yes, there are tunnels under a hospital: Israel built them and so they knew
where they are

A US soldier whipping up troops for the fight in Gaza
But US troops already suffered casualties and the US tried to hide it by
claiming their helicopter fell
But the most damning involvement ofcourse is funding and arming Israel ($20
billion worth this year alone). This is illegal by US law (Leahy amendment)

“Israeli propaganda is bad- really bad”. Corporate media fail to report
that Israel's war on hospitals has nothing to do with Hamas.

see also a compilation of lies at under #9 especially on what
happened on 7 October where Israel killed its own civilians and then blamed

Jonathan Cook: Israel and its allies are repurposing the goals and lies of
1948 – in Gaza in 2023

The Palestine statement against genocide, for liberation and return
https://int critical geographies

Global uprising happening- shut it down, no business as usual when genocide
is happening:

collectively we can turn this around. We must do this if we want an earth
that is ruled bylaws not by colonial psychopaths who will not stop at
stealing Palestine and occupying Washington DC... they have
bigger ambitions.
Stay Human, keep Palestine alive, and keep fighting.We are the many they
are the few

Mazin Qumsiyeh
A bedouin in cyberspace, a villager at home
Professor, Founder, and (volunteer) Director
Palestine Museum of Natural History
Palestine Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability
Bethlehem University
Occupied Palestine
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