Daniel Ellsberg, the renowned advocate for peace and the First Amendment who leaked the historic Pentagon Papers on the Vietnam War, endorsed congressional candidate Norman Solomon on Thursday. Ellsberg will join the independent progressive Democrat on the campaign trail next week.

Once referred to by President Nixon’s adviser Henry Kissinger as “the most dangerous man in America,” Ellsberg is an enthusiastic supporter of Norman Solomon for Congress. The famed whistleblower will speak at a house-party fundraiser for the Solomon campaign in Marin County on Sept. 22, an event bringing together two generations of antiwar leaders.

Solomon is running for Congress in the new coastal district that stretches from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Oregon border.

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On Thursday, Ellsberg issued the following statement in support of Solomon for Congress:

“For years I've trusted and relied on Norman Solomon's judgments on political action more than my own or others’. No one could better represent ME in Congress: Norman's values and priorities are virtually identical to mine, and I don't know anyone who would pursue them in Congress as effectively, energetically and eloquently.

“In Congress, Norman will not be silent when Democratic leaders lose their way or their nerve. He’ll be a strong, independent voice for economic justice, civil liberties and rigorous environmental protection -- and a determined foe of the militarism that is depleting our society in countless ways.

“Since he refuses all corporate PAC money, I encourage peace-and-justice-minded citizens across the district – and across the country -- to rally behind Norman Solomon’s campaign. I’ve worked with him for years and I'm honored to be joining him on the campaign trail.”


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