The Michigan Law Reform Group and hundreds of activists in the state of Michigan are pushing a historic Personal Responsibility Amendment -- “Asserting the private jurisdiction of the individual!” -- to change the laws concerning private drug use and possession.

PRA2000 ends marijuana prohibition and forfeitures. PRA2000 will stop prosecutions, license suspensions and asset forfeitures for the limited adult or medical use and possession of:

  • three mature cannabis plants (less than 10 ft. tall), seedlings, and three ounces of homegrown cannabis
  • within theprivacy of a person’s private residence
  • in a non-public manner not accessible by or visible to children.
  • non-profit purposes only, and yes, you must be 21years old.

The initiative does not allow driving under the influence or the purchase/sale of marijuana. It earmarks other forfeiture for voluntary treatment and education and eliminates exposure of cannabis users to dealers.

Petitions are available online at

The Michigan Law Reform Group is a group of independent citizens concerned with political reform in Cass County, Michigan and the rest of the country. They support Michigan’s Constitution and the nation’s Constitution. They believe in reforming bad laws through the system of government put in place by our forefathers. Towards that end, they are looking for political candidates on the local front who support the same ideals and freedoms as they do. They actively support the PRA2000 and other voter initiatives that will reform bad laws through our existing system of government. They do not call for the overthrow of our government or any other acts of violence nor do they encourage breaking the laws they are set to reform. They want to see our social problems dealt with by social advocates, not a police state.

Rally for PRA2000 in Michigan

302,711 registered Michigan voters are needed to sign a petition by July 10, 2000. It proposes Article 1, Section 25 to the Michigan Constitution.This will give the folks in Michigan the opportunity to decide on our freedom against marijuana prohibition and forfeiture laws.

The January 15th Rally got it fired up. There were chats in the lobby with Greg Schmid, director of the PRA 2000 committee. Lots of information. Voter registration and signature collection. Then you could head upstairs for a tie-dye, or perhaps some hemp products. You could even converse with presidential candidate John Galt Jr. It was all quite civilized.

In the theater, following a couple video documentaries. Speakers included Adam Brook, from Ann Arbor’s Hash Bash, Doug Leinbach, from Rainbow Farms Camp Ground, Greg Schmid, director of the PRA 2000 committee and Mike Dooley, of the Kalamazoo Delegation. They targeted such issues as the War on Drugs, seizure and forfeiture injustices, medicinal uses and environmental benefits. Though it mainly focused on our choice, “do we want to be responsible?”

On with the music. Just back from a European tour. Kalamazoo world-beat, reggae fusion band Yoroka, stirred it up nicely. Yokora set it off for Detroit’s Buddha Fulla Rymez. Hard Hittin. Big Bongs. Must see for yourself.

Well with all that said, everyone seemed to leave with a nice fuzzy feeling, knowing that it is Our Choice.

What Do We Want?

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