In self-fulfilling prophetic bravado, this President creates what he decries. The most dangerous person on the earth is not now Bin Laden, it is George Bush with Dick Cheney embedded in the hunch on his back. Bin Laden knocked off a few embassies, a large boat and the twin towers maybe.  Bush, on the other hand ,entirelly blew out a capital (Bagdad), napalmed Fallujah, and bombed and burned many other cities. Entire cities. He took out a regime he didn't like, he laid the foundation for civil war. He started a war in a country that did not attack us. He created mayhem, destruction, flying limbs, burning babies and toppled hundreds of  buildings to dust.

George Bush and Dick Cheney are the most dangerous people on earth. Of course, predictably, our actions have and continue to wildly enflame our enemies and estrange us from our allies. Predictibly. As sure as a waterfall hits rocks and spashes back upwards, our policy is certain and guaranteed to spawn and incite exponentially greater hatred of us.  Bush then uses the intensified hatred to justify more violence, destruction and murder. Bush's rhetoric in his speech does much more to embolden and wildly fan the flames of hatred against us than had we not invaded Iraq- a move we know now was sold to the public on total false fradulent pretenses and pretexts. These absolutely vicious people have trapped us in an unending vicious cycle that will point to nowhere but Armagedon unless we remove them from power by impeachment.

Beware wolves in sheeps clothing. They come at you in prime time with smooth talk about how they are protecting you.

The world cannot afford to wait to see what they do in two and a half years.  How many burned babies and crying mothers crouching head in hand do we have to watch? How many American young adults do we have to see transported in flag drapped pine boxes back home that did not have to be? How valuable is American blood? How much more fire on the enemy will it take before we start WWIV.

This war in Iraq was not necessary to fight the war on terror, it is terror, it has caused terror, it has inflamed enemies, it has created many many more fold evil than was ever perpetrated against us.

We have killed, bombed, burned and destroyed far more than the twin towers (two buildings) and 3,000 people in the Middle East. It is a disproportionate over the top abusive and unjustified response. We have killed over 200,000 of our own people at recent count.  We have killed exponentially more of "them" than they ever killed of us, and we are still killing. We just keep going. Two years after the head of Saddam toppled from the Badgad square we are still shedding American blood, blowing apart families in America and Iraq, destroying buildings and people's lives. George Bush is the mushroom cloud.

We could have left at a number of points stating our job was done- we could have left after they had elections, we could have left after Saddam was captured, we could have left after the "Mission Accomplished" declaration. 

Bush, who put the US government in an Embassy in one of Saddam's palaces, has intentions which are clearly imperial not defensive. His "in your face" style is just culturally outrageous in the context in which has interjected his Texas swagger.

Bush has abused his office of the President. He has lied through his teeth about every material fact and continues to do so to support his twisted vision. Cheney just gets richer and richer.

He has jeopardized not secured American lives. He is personally responsible for killing off over 2,000 soldiers at this point. He, George Bush, is personally responsible for killing off 2,000 people. George Bush is a far more dangerous person than Bin Laden. He is far more murderous. He is equally misguided.

The more he calls us "irresponsible" for noting his abuse the louder I am going to say he is "irresponsible" for what he has done to our country.

This country cannot afford two more years of him. He will bankrupt the Treasury and place us in hock to foreign powers. In two more years He will kill off thousands more American servicepeople. He will burn, destroy, kill, maim and torture thousands more foreigners.

No American should tolerate what George Bush and Dick Cheney have done in the name of any American and every American should stand up in revolt and loudly decry that they want him out of Washington now.