Pets Without Parents Columbus was opened on June 1, 2001 due to the closing of a local shelter, Adopt-A-Pet, which served central Ohio for over a decade. Realizing the loss of AAP would cause a void, Pets Without Parents was established to continue the salvation of the many homeless and unwanted animals.

The mission of Pets Without Parents is to create a community that nurtures and respects companion animals, and to someday see that every animal is loved. In order to create such a community, PWPC initiates and upholds a variety of programs. First, realizing that the pet overpopulation must be controlled, Pets Without Parents will make every effort to spay and neuter every animal with which it comes into contact, through mandatory spaying and neutering of every adopted animal, as well as providing low-cost sterilization options. Secondly, Pets Without Parents will make every effort to have a minimum euthanasia rate, only euthanizing those pets who are suffering due to a medical illness. Thirdly, PWPC will engage in community outreach, through educational services, in order to inform the public on the humane treatment of animals. Pets Without Parents will remain dedicated to these initiatives, as well as open to other programs which will benefit the lives of companion animals.

If you are considering adding a new member to your family, we encourage you to visit our shelter. Our shelter has kittens, cats, puppies, and dogs of all sizes and breeds. The adoption process includes an application and screening of all potential adopters. If you are approved as an adopter, there is an adoption contract that a staff person will review with you, as well as answer any questions you may have. We encourage you to view our pet list. The animals listed are those who have been at the shelter for a long time or who have special needs. Pets Without Parents never seems to have a shortage of puppies and kittens. So, if you do not find your special someone on our pet list, please feel free to contact us.

Located at our shelter, is SpayOhio, owned and operated by Dr. Diane Trubov. Dr. Trubov provides low-cost feline spay and neuter procedures, as well as low-cost vaccinations. Please call for an appointment!

Low-Cost Vaccination Clinic
Are you looking for an economical way to keep your pet healthy? Well, look no further. Our low-cost vaccination clinic, led by Dr. Lafave, is held every Wednesday between 6pm-8pm, no appointment necessary. Dr. Lafave provides extremely reasonable prices for vaccinations, and does not charge a vet visit fee for customers whose pet receives a vaccination. If you are looking for a general vet exam, without vaccinations, the cost is only $10.00.

Donations Always Welcome
Pets Without Parents is a non-profit organization. We rely heavily on the support of animal lovers. We gladly welcome cash gifts, but realize not everyone is able to donate money. Therefore, if you are interested in helping the pets, but are low on cash, we are always in need of many supplies. Blankets, towels, laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent, bleach, lysol, litter boxes, pet toys, leashes, collars, office supplies, pet carriers, and food bowls are just a few examples of things we are always in need of. In addition, volunteering your time is always helpful. We can always use a helping hand.

Come Visit Us!
Pets Without Parents, Columbus is located at 813 Bethel Road, Columbus, Ohio 43214. We are in the Olentangy Plaza Shopping Center. Take 315 and exit Bethel Road. Once you have exited the highway, continue west through one traffic light. The shopping plaza is on the left. We are open seven days a week. Our hours are: M-F, 2:00-9:00; Sat, 2:00-8:00; Sun, 2:00-6:00. Adoptions stop one-half our before close. Phone: 614-459-PAWS, Email: