The October 2003 issue of Playboy included the must-read article “Siege at Rainbow Farm” chronicling the events leading up to the dramatic 5-day standoff between the farm owners and the FBI that left two gay marijuana activists dead in Michigan. The Columbus Institute for Contemporary Journalism, which publishes the Free Press, was mentioned in the article as an ally of the hemp festivals thrown at the legendary Rainbow Farm. The Free Press was one of the few newspapers that gave extensive coverage to the killings which occurred just prior to September 11, 2001. More than anything else, the article documents the vicious reactionary agenda of right-wing Republicans and their Bible-thumping buddies in northern Indiana and southern Michigan who will go to any length to keep the population from smoking pot. Now if we could just get the ATF to attack the pharmaceutical companies that addict thousands to their happy pills Prozac and Zoloft we could have a real war on drug pushers.