Does the name Clint Curtis ring a bell? It should. He’s the computer programmer from Florida who passed a polygraph test a year ago, strengthening the case that Rep. Tom Feeney had committed election fraud in 2000.

In October 2000, Clint was working for an Oveido software firm, Yang Enterprises. At a company meeting attended by Feeney (who was then a Florida state legislator and Yang’s attorney and lobbyist), Feeney asked Curtis to devise a vote-rigging prototype to “control Democratic fraud in South Florida.” Curtis obliged, not realizing at the time that Feeney was engaging in projection…his true motive was to rig the election for the Republicans.

Curtis was himself a life-long Republican. He designed the prototype in good faith, assuming its source code would easily reveal any fraud and taking Feeney at face value that the program would be used for political research only. After a protracted legal struggle ended with a court’s ruling that source code inside an electronic voting machine is proprietary to the company that manufactured the machine (these companies all have close ties to the Republican party, as we know), Clint Curtis realized what had really happened in October 2000…he had unwittingly enabled election fraud in Florida. Hanging chads hadn’t determined the election, widespread vote flipping had instead.

By the time he realized the awful truth, Curtis had resigned from Yang Enterprises and gone to work for the Florida Department of Transportation. As it happened, Yang was a D.O.T. contractor and was systematically over-billing the department and cheating Florida’s taxpayers... this with Feeney’s knowledge and encouragement. Meanwhile, Yang was employing an illegal alien named Henry Nee, who was arrested and pled guilty to passing computer secrets from NASA (another Yang client) to the People’s Republic of China. Nee paid a token fine and served no jail time for espionage.

If all of this is new to you, it’s because the mainstream media have ignored Clint Curtis. They even ignored him after he passed a lie-detector test last year. And they ignored the fact that Tom Feeney has refused to take the same test, even as Feeney is calling Curtis a liar and worse. But Clint has decided to run for Feeney’s Congressional seat (24th district), which means these issues will have to surface…provided he can raise $10,000 in the next few weeks to keep his primary campaign on track.

See for more about this brave and forthright man. And give what you can. It’s not an exaggeration to say our freedom is at stake here.